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    Or... why should other people become interested in joining a clan?

    This would've been up earlier, but I wanted to see where the topics within each clan would go, and the results are interesting. The most common reason is simply "to meet new people," and that's a very good reason to have. The community aspects of each clan should be the primary, motivating reason, so if we're going to have any theme for this it should be that. Other good reasons included things like "participating in clan events" and "a friendly place to pick up or improve on skills you want or have." More suggestions are in the spoiler at the end of this post

    What's going to happen now? Hopefully, a cross pollination of ideas between the clans and healthy discussion, where we'll form our complete list. Afterward the Clan Committee will write up a draft of the proper list as it will appear in the advertisement, get some feedback from your clan leaders, and then produce the final version.

    Note that we don't have a "target number" we're trying to hit here. We want real reasons here, and if that means we don't have a full list of 20 or whatever that's fine - don't worry about filling the quota.

    After all of this is done, we're going to be talking to the GFX artists present in the clans, asking for one or more of you to produce the image we'll be using for advertising purposes.

    If you are new, it helps you get a feel for the community, and if you are an older member, it allows you to help the community grow as a whole. For newer members, being a part of a clan allows you to mingle with a fewer selection of people, allowing you to read them better and see who is (or isn't) someone you want to get to know. For the older members, it allows you to place your mark in the community by helping out those newer members, or even members that have been here as long as you have with instruction or a guiding hand.

    Clans can help promote personal growth, as they will be more inclined to help you grow with whatever skills you wish to hone, including your social skills. Not everyone is in a helpful mood at times, but your clansmen will have your back. Having trouble with writer's block could be cleared with just brainstorming with them, and if you need some inspiration for some artwork you are trying to create, there are some vivid minds just waiting to be tapped into.

    The competitive-natured members get great kicks out of Clan Wars and smaller battles between clans.

    It's like a secret society that one can only see if they have the given password.

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