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    "No one is asking you to stay," Tadoyoshi commented dryly. "And I don't need protection, if you are thinking of being noble. I'm very well capable of protecting myself without a sword." He sat down against the cave's edge, and closed his eyes, either dozing off or focusing on a meditative state. It was hard to tell.


    As the meeting came to a close, three men stayed behind. One of them was General Kokusho, of the former Black Dragon Army during the Godslayer War. He had long since given up his title, all for a position in the new Government. This was the man responsible for the new weapons and their creation. "They say that the ghost of Fujiwara Ritsu has appeared, and has began to take the lives of former military officers that have sold out their honor."

    "Bah. I'm not worried about some ghost rumor," said the second man. A true politician, Hoshiko Kagami had won his place in the government through lies and false promises. "What I fear is that demon that was released last night. I hear he was freed by a powerful samurai...rumor says that it was-"

    "You fools, be quiet. We might be overheard. The latest shipment will be brought by a small group of shikigami later tonight. We should not worry about these false rumors. All will go as planned." The last man, whom the other two barely knew, was simply named Yukio. "I expect you two will be there to make sure all is accounted for?"

    The other two nodded, and the three went their separate paths. Yukio smiled as Kokusho and Hoshiko left. Those men are excellent tools. Soon this country will see the true power of the Oni...


    For what seemed like hours, Tadayoshi slept. Or meditated. All anyone could really tell was the fact that his eyes were closed, and that he was breathing. Yet, suddenly, a powerful blast of wind rushed into the cave, and the ronin stirred. Standing up, he held out his hand to the wind. "Are you sure...? The blade is not ready yet." The wind gusted once more, and Tadayoshi cursed. "I understand. I will do my best, Fujin-sama." He turned to the shinobi, and raised his voice to overpower the wind, "Do you wish to be of use?"
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    Xeyyakkenn was facing the wind as a test of strength. "Sure," he yelled. "What do you need me to do?" He was a bit excited for the opportunity to prove himself to the man and hopefully have less tension between them.

    He was thinking of ways to prove himself and also explore the cave with the man. Everything was more fun with other people. Plus, dying from a cave trap was not how he wanted to end his life story. There were other things to do first.
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    "There are dealings going down tonight, supposedly south of Tokyo. A group of shikigami are carrying powerful new weapons to the city under nightfall. It is possible that there may be other demons or spirits with them, but it is doubtful. We simply need to destroy the spirits, and then destroy the weapons." Tadayoshi began to walk, making his way to the path that made its way down the mountainside. "If we hurry, we might make it in time."
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    "We," he echoed, thinking of the chance he had to prove himself. He followed Sakamoto. "Well you seem to know where it'll be. So ill follow your lead." He then took a sword from his back. It was the reversed blade, practically a long metal rectangle, and stabbed the mountain side with it. 'I'll be coming back to this cave later,' he thought.
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    Along the path, Tadayoshi remained silent, focusing instead upon the path. Any attempt at conversation would have been met with silence, due to his focus. I wonder, dear Fujin, if you have chosen the right man for the job. Why am I your chosen? After awhile, Tadayoshi stopped.

    "We'll be arriving at a special port, made for small shipments that have need to be undetected. We are to not be seen, something that you should have proficiency in, I would hope. Our only goal is to eliminate any inhuman presence, destroy the weapons, and create a fire large enough to draw attention to this place. The proper authorities should take care of the rest."
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    More burning. More burning. More fire to destroy things. At least, this time he would save the innocent lives. This time he would make sure only the guilty recieved judgment.
    The shadows. Easy. I don't think he'd like being crammed with me though. We should probably take opposite ends. I'm down to three swords and two plates. ... Was it smart to leave my shuriken at home? ... Yeah. Using them would just leave evidence of me being here. ...

    "I assume we'll split up and come from opposing ends? Like an ambush? Will we have enough time to set traps?" Dangit! I knew I shoulda brought string! Oh well. I can just set my weapons at key locations and have shadow clones there. Oh, that reminds me. "Here," he said, holding out his second sword on his back, "Take it and use it however. Just don't break it. If you need help, just shout and I'll be there in a blink. The clan I came from specialized in transportation techniques. Getting people and objects from one place to another. There's two tags on this sword. Use the bottom one to summon a clone of me, if you need to, and the top one to summon me."
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    Tadayoshi looked at the blade, and shook his head. "I will not need it, though I do appreciate your concern. I have no need of your sword." He did, however, agree to Xey. "We would be better suited for a pincer ambush, however I do not know when they will come. Traps are not necessary but may provide extra time to achieve our goals. Do what you wish, but do not be seen. I have no idea when the shikigami will arrive with their packages." He quickly moved between the trees, and to the water's edge.

    "Regardless of the outcome, I will be at the cave of the bakaneko at dawn, should you wish to bother me more...." Tadayoshi smirked, diving off of the edge into the water a few feet below. With that, he seemed to disappear under the water as darkness began to fall upon the land.
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    "Friendly guy," he said sarcastically. Now the only question was what to do for the time being. He only needed one sword to fight. He found a tree and stuck his sword in it, hoping that his enemies would come in that direction should they choose to flee. He figured that Sakamoto would have the sea covered.

    Pincer ambush. He walked in the opposite direction of where Sakamoto went. All he had now were his two hidden blades and his two metal plates. He climbed a tree and watched the sea. He'd get into position when he saw the boats coming. Until then he would spend his time going through multiple battle scenarios about how things would happen.
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    It's quiet, for once. Tadayoshi was cold, but that didn't stop him as he carefully made his way to the far side of the port. The only real sounds were the slight squishes coming from his wet clothing as he moved. Am I intentionally being reckless? He mentally scoffed. The ronin took a quick look behind him, making sure he hadn't left a trail of water from where he had come up on shore. The dock was located in a well hidden cove, probably created through demonic magic to hide the shipments.

    Already he knew there were 'samurai' waiting. Tadayoshi almost scoffed again. They called themselves samurai, but they were really government dogs. They followed loyally, without question. And they sell out their honor. Tightening his fist, he moved in, remaining as stealthy as possible. I refuse to let Japan become a warzone with such destructive weapons.
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    Xeyyakkenn was waiting patiently in his tree for any signs of a ship. The sun was setting. He sat motionless in the tree, building his chakra. He hoped the enemy would come soon. He was also starting to get hungry and hoped that they also had food. 'Food would be nice,' he thought, 'I hope they have fried sushi. Or some fish. I haven't had fish in a while.'

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