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    "You seem to think of demons as irrational creatures," the samurai said with a smirk. "Have you ever met a demon before? Ever spoken to one? Ever heard it's thoughts? Perhaps they are not as evil as they seem." As he spoke, he moved back and forth, pacing. "Demons are very much like humans. They have thoughts, feelings, and motives. Tell me, shinobi, when you take upon yourself a contract and you fulfill your end, do you expect your reward? If you do not get your reward, do you go on a rampage and kill everyone? No..you kill the one responsible, and take your reward by force. It is simple, is it not? And perhaps...the one who freed it was simply looking for their own bargain to make."
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    'He's starting to sound as if he himself set the demon free. Not to mention defending him. I better watch out. A smart ninja is a live ninja. Only the foolish rush into battle.' He thought.

    "... either the demon is too trusting for its own good, since you say demons can be kind, or its very forgiving. When's the last time you spoke to a demon or made a contract with one?" He had one foot set behind him, in case anything should happen. The man had motive, but he didn't seem to have means. He couldn't see a sword on him and had yet to see any burnt clothing.
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    "I have contracts with several demons, though I do not remember how or why I have them. As for the last demon I spoke to, it was a very special one. He has the ability to forge powerful weapons, all dependent upon what you offer him, of course." The ronin smiled. "And I have several powerful gems...crystals formed from the blood of powerful demons, slain in the Godslayer War." Tadayoshi made his way to the side of the cavern, and leaned against it, staring at the ceiling. Water seemed to be forming at the edge of a stalactite, the drop forming.
    "What will you do...shinobi?"
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    Xeyyakkenn couldn't help but smile. Whenever he figured something out, he had to smile. He grabbed his staff from his back and held it in front of him as if it was a walking stick. He poked the ground with it. "So you admit to burning the temple?" The man made a pact with a demon that made special weapons. Meaning that they could be invisible. But Xeyyakkenn had special weapons as well.
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    "I did not burn the temple," Tadayoshi commented, watching the water droplet fall to the cave floor. "All I did was simply act, as was requested." He stared lazily at his hand, letting the next drop of water splash upon his palm. "Why do you feel so threatened? Reaching for a weapon against an unarmed man is hardly a noble act...but then again, you are of the shinobi. Very few of you live by an honor bound code..."
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    "Take that back! You don't know anything about me OR the shinobi! You kill people 'as was requested' and you have the audacity to lecture ME about honor!?" He stopped, his hand tightly gripping his staff. He loosened his grip. "Listen. You said so yourself that you dealt with demons, one of which can make special weapons, some of which gave you powerful gems from the blood of demons from the Godslayer War. That alone let's me know that you are no ordinary man, which means that it is highly unlikely that you are unarmed, though you appear to be so. And now you've just admitted to at least playing part in the death of those monks. That pact of which you spoke. Of the monks not keeping it. That pact was made years ago, was it not? Meaning not all of the monks in that temple were involved, meaning that innocent monks died. On top of that," he slowly spun his staff in his hand, "I wouldn't call it a stretch to say that you freed that demon and made a pact with it. Meaning that you're responsible for the death of those monks, innoccent as well as the guilty. Neither of which deserved to die, as they didn't kill the demon. No sin warrants death unless death was the sin."

    That's what his father had told him once. Back when he was a samurai. 'No sin warrants death,' his father would say, 'unless death was the sin.' The memories of his father were followed by the images of the burnt home, the burnt corpses. He stopped spinning his staff. He was going to jab the ground with it again. If blue powder was released, he would not make the first move. If red powder was released, he would avenge the monks, at least the ones he thought were innocent.
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    "Did you ever study at that temple? Did you know the sins of the monks who lived there?" Tadayoshi stood up straight, and cleared his throat. "The head monk was guilty of multiple sins throughout the Godslayer War. A pact with a powerful demon was the least of these. He slaughtered everyone who came his way, enemy and friend alike. He killed innocents...women and children. He got lost in his bloodlust. And this was before the demon. Do you know what he asked the demon for? He asked for the power to control himself, at the cost that he would one day pay for his sins ten times over." The samurai took an unarmed stance, hands at the ready. "The poor monks who were his followers were criminals brought in to be 'saved.' They were nothing more than fuel to feed the seal to the demon. It was all to avoid his punishment."

    "As for my alleged pact with this demon, I have never consciously made a pact with a demon. In my past, I have, although I do not recall any of this. Since my awakening, I have not made a single pact. Pacts are very powerful bonds with demons...no, I have merely been asked to do something, and complied without such a bond." He lowered his stance. "Now, will you leave me be...?"
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    He put down his staff. Blue powder. "So you helped carry out their punishment, then, for the murders they committed... But I won't leave you alone, if you are unarmed as you say you are. Can't leave an unarmed man to go into a cave 'laden with traps and spell wards to keep all sorts of nosy humans away.' And now this cave has sparked my curiosity as well. I love to explore." He threw his staff outside of the cave down the mountain. "Just in case we need a quick exit," he said to the man, "now are we going to call each other Man and Shinobi or shall we call each other by name?"
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    "There isn't anything you would need within the cave," Tadayoshi said suddenly. "Just a lonely demon who I have asked for assistance." He crossed his arms, "He's fixing something precious to me. I suggest you leave him be." He walked outside of the cave, "I was asked to wait here. The blade should be finished in two days. As for my name...it's Sakamoto." He walked back outside of the cave, and looked to the now setting sun. "And so half of the first day has passed...."
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    "So instead of coming back on the day it should be ready, you're gonna wait here all alone. Then if we're not going in the cave, perhaps I could keep you company while you wait, then." He stayed inside the cave, watching Sakamoto. "You can call me Xey," he said. He looked down the dark cave. There would be no point in exploring it alone since Sakamoto seemed to have information on the traps. But there also had to be a reason he didn't go somewhere to find suitable shelter for the night instead of just standing here because he was told to do so. Sakamoto was definitely a samurai. Doing exactly as he's told with no questions and no alterations to the command.

    'It would probably be smart to get my staff,' he thought, 'but I may need the escape later.'

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