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    The world has changed.

    "Loyalty, honor, bravery...they mean nothing anymore." A lone swordsman in the center of a large crowd was muttering to himself. The age of the Samurai was waning, and the proof was right in front of him. With the production and demonstration of the new weapon, the gun, the world was taking a turn for the worse. "There is no honor in killing an opponent from afar...there is no test in strength, and no show of bravery and spirit. This is an outrage..."

    The dawning of a new age

    With said creation of guns, an announcement was made across the continent: Samurai were obsolete, unneeded. They were asked to lay down their sword and join the new army under one united government. Many joined simply because they admitted defeat, others decided to fight the new Government. They were gunned down without a chance. This was known as the Godslayer War...a massacre and overtaking of the Emperor's throne.

    The smart samurai faded into the new world, hiding their abilities and settling down. Others became ronin, shaming themselves and their former masters (thus becoming outlawed.) They used their swordsmanship to brutalize and torture towns to submission, thus gaining an income. Very few remained true to their cause: the survival of Bushido. Although the feudal system was now out of practice, the samurai continued to follow the old ways of honor and loyalty, but no longer to lords. They remained for the protection of the people.

    The remnants of the true samurai, although few, saw the Government as it truly was: corrupt. Between the greed of the higher political powers, and the so called 'protection' from the lower powers, the Government was breeding a holding ground of deceit and betrayal.

    The samurai questioned how the Government came into power, where they got the means to create devastating weapons, and how they would remain in power after the people saw what they had become. Only one answer came to mind...

    The Oni, the demons that roamed the land, and the ninja, the hired assassins. The Oni were creatures of old magic, and had the ability to create powerful weapons and artifacts. But as a whole, the demons were destructive and power hungry. The old samurai order had waged war against the Oni, and won. Very few Oni remained, but those that were still in power were both great and powerful...and wise. Making a deal with the Oni would cost dearly, but the results were unimaginable.

    The ninja, on the other hand, could assassinate all those who opposed the new Government order. As a whole, the ninja have no morals. They simply work for the highest bidder. Using their skills, they could easily wipe out anyone who dared to strike against the new powers.

    This new era...is hell.

    The remaining samurai turned away from the demonstration of the gun. "This is blasphemy." He looked up to see two guards pointing their rifles at him.

    "Drop your sword! You have been ordered to by the Sovereign," the first one spoke, his voice unwavering. There was no fear in his eyes. He was confident, and rightly so. No one would question the new order.



    The Godslayer War - This was the war only five years before this new hostile takeover. The war itself was caused by the Shogun, who overstepped his boundaries. Alliances were formed and broken, and allies one day were enemies the next. Overall, the war was complete hell. There were three great warriors of the time, all of which died near the end of the war.

    Kuroda Kazunari, the general for the Shogun. He was the most powerful of the three, and used this power to blindly follow his lord. He never once questioned his orders. It was said that he could defeat armies on his own, though this may have been an exaggeration. He was a great tactician, and his men loved him, but they thought him too cruel of a man to trust.

    Heikichi Takumi, a strange man who sold his soul to the demons. As a result, he carries with him a sword soaked in the blood of his enemies, and an armor that deflects arrows and bullets. He was on the opposing side to the Shogun, and his reasoning behind selling his soul was pure. He wanted to free the world of the evil desires, so he took upon himself the wins of the world.

    Fujiwara Ritsu, a man of honor and a warrior that could match Kazunari. He led his entire life in the belief that human life was above all, more important than his sworn fealty to a lord. As a result, he was marked a ronin and cast aside more times than he could count. But at last, his skills were out to use. He sided against the Shogun, and fought against Kazunari.

    The final battle was between Takumi, Ritsu and Kazunari. Takumi was fighting for justice, Ritsu was ovecome by his demonic powers and was fighting for the demons...and Kazunari was fighting for his master, following the code he had believed in. The battle was said to last for five minutes. No one knows what happened, but in the end...all three were dead.

    After that...the Shogun mysteriously vanished, as if erased from existence.


    In the black of night under a waxing moon, the sounds of hushed conversations could be heard on the holy grounds of the temple. Rumors of a deadly new weapon coming to the fair city of Kyoto. Rumors of a deadly assassin coming to end the new regime. Rumors of demons lurking in the streets. Rumors of-

    "Now, now..." said a voice aloud. "We are not here to spread such nonsense. Please, get back to your work. The deities will not allow such actions upon the holy grounds." The head priest had spoken, and so silence once again permeated the air. The four other monks went back to their work. There was an important ceremony the next day...the resealing of a powerful demon from the Godslayer War. A pact was made, and the demon had killed as he was commanded. In the end, however, the warrior who had made his vow broke the contract, and sealed away the demon. That warrior, now the head priest, had long since watched the seal carefully.

    The silence seemed to carry on for an eternity. It was eerie. Not even the sounds of the other four monks could be heard. "Are you all slacking again?" Nothing. Not a sound. "Asa? Kyo?" Still nothing. Suddenly the silence was oppressive. Fear struck the elderly priest, and he felt his heart begin to race. Even then, he knew it was too late.

    A crimson blade leaped from the shadows, and in a single slash, the man's head rolled. "And now, my dear friend..." a rugged voice said. "I offer you the soul of the Priest who trapped you, in return for the reforging of my blade. What say you...?"

    A tempting offer... rang out a demonic presence from the main altar. But why should I...?

    The man from the shadows smiled, holding out his hand, and letting the edge of his blade slice across his hand, revealing droplets of blood. "I'll show you..."


    The next day, there was a gathering. People could not figure out how such a prestigious temple had been burned down so quickly, all of the monks dead. It was odd, though, the authorities had mentioned...the head priest's head was missing. What irony was that?
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    Xeyyakkenn heard the news, but paid it no attention. He had one mission and one mission only: to find and kill everyone of his past samurai clan. Dead monks had no value to him. Unless of course, the temple burning was due to samurai. Just like his parents burned.

    He pushed the thought from his mind, but couldn't help but wonder. He decided to look into it further, just to see who or what caused the fire. Just to set his mind at ease. Then he would let it go. He snuck around people, trying to hear anything about the fire. But he only heard what he already knew. 'Surely someone must know what happened.' He thought.
  3. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Rumors spread like the fire that burned the building. A samurai, a ronin. More hushed whispers of a demon leaving the scene as well. The whispers continued. A dark haired man with a crimson blade, and an odd, short man with strange, inhuman features heading west towards Mount Kumotori. It was all speculation, but of course, that was gossip.

    The truth behind it all was hard to see, but from what little could be gleaned from the masses, the one responsible had set off towards the mountains in the west. And yet, life went on. The old regime was fading, and new laws were being put into place. The fire soon left the minds of the masses, and the daily chores began once again. Idle chit chat about the weather, sale negotiations, and the occasional thief... and so life continued.
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    Xeyyakkenn was on a rooftop viewing the burnt down temple. 'Rumor says samurai, ronin. But since when do samurai burn buildings? There's no honor in that. So the ronin part has to be true at least. Ill have to find out for sure about the demon. A true samurai wouldn't make a pact with one. So that also points to ronin. ...'

    "Hey!" Came a voice below, "get down from there or ill get the guards!" Xeyyakkenn looked at the man below. He was round and had a rake pointed at him.

    "Where's your sword?" Asked Xeyyakkenn.

    "Outlawed by the new government, which makes you an outlaw with those two swords on your back." Xeyyakkenn laughed and reached for his staff. "Don't move! Or ill call the guards!" Xeyyakkenn stopped with his hand on his staff.

    "So in place of a sword you use a rake? Why not a staff or a spear?" The man looked at his rake, then back up at the rooftop, but Xeyyakkenn was gone.

    "A staff or a spear huh? ... wait, GUARDS!"
  5. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    Tadayoshi could feel it getting colder as he followed the demon up the mountains to the west of Tokyo. Gripping the pommel of his blade, he moved a little closer to the demon in an attempt to speak. As he opened his mouth, however, the demon paused, the sounds of his steps dying instantly.

    "There. That cave houses the demon you are searching for. It is a bakeneko, if you must know. Very keen on fish, if you have any." The demon turned away. "I have upheld my end of the bargain. Thank you, oh warrior of the Godslayer War, for freeing me from my prison."

    Tadayoshi's eyes widened, "Wait, do you know who I am!?" He turned, but the demon had vanished. He slowly unsheathed the crimson blade, and stared at his reflection in the blade. "So...I've come across a lead. The Godslayer War...." He shook his head, "I have more important tasks. That can come later. I have to repair this blade, first..." He sheathed his sword, and started up the mountain towards the cave. What can I trade a bakaneko? The demon had to be joking when he said fish...
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    Xeyyakkenn headed up the mountain, just to see if the rumors were true. He felt traces of an odd presence, but shrugged it off thinking it to be his nerves or paranoia. He came across a cave entrance and stared into it. He kept walking past it, but his nervousness stopped. So he walked back to the cave entrance and his nerves got to him again.

    'Something was here.' He thought. 'But stopped here.' He took a few steps into the cave, not knowing what was inside. His nerves were at ease again. So he went back to the entrance where he felt the past presence. 'Okay something was definitely here. I know it. But it didn't go past the cave and it didn't go into it. Or maybe its trace has worn off in the cave. ... well they did say the man and demon went up here. ... hmmm...:

    "Well it cant hurt to look," he finally said. He walked into the cave. "I knew I should've bought a lanturn," he mumbled.
  7. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    "You shouldn't go in there," the ronin samurai's voice echoed from the cave entrance. "It's laden with traps and spell wards to keep all sorts of nosy humans away. He took a few steps into the cave, and sighed. "You shouldn't have followed me here. Now leave." Despite being a samurai, his blade was nowhere to be seen. Yet still, he carried himself with a powerful, commanding aura, and he was insistent about the ninja leaving immediately.
  8. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    Xeyyakkenn observed the man. He must have been the man the rumors were going on about. Which would mean that he was possibly the ronin, but where was the rumored demon? Or is this even the right guy? Where's his sword?

    "Do you know anything about the burnt temple last night?" He asked him. "Everyone inside, dead. No survivors."
  9. The Fatal Star Heartless Slayer

    "I heard that the temple was harboring a sealed demon, and an unfulfilled contract with that demon. It doesn't surprise me that the demon broke free and killed them all due to this," the man said, almost uncaring. "The problem doesn't concern you, really. Those 'monks' from that temple made a promise, and they did not see to it that their promise was kept." He walked towards the ninja, and stopped a few feet away. "Why would a temple worry you, anyway?"
  10. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    "That doesn't concern you. ... Let's just call it, curiosity. Doesn't it strike you odd that the temple would harbor a demon for so long, but all of a sudden it breaks free? It couldn't've done it on its own, or else it would've escaped a long time ago. No I think someone helped the demon. Besides, if a demon were to get revenge, wouldn't it do more than just burn everything overnight? Wouldn't it want to make the people suffer as much and as long as the demon had? If not longer?"

    He looked at the man. Tried to observe him, searching for any burnt pieces on his clothing.

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