Battle Thread Rematch Poll: Vote here if you want it to happen

Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Yoyo, May 14, 2010.


Do You want a EV and SoO Battle thread rematch?

Yes 16 vote(s) 72.7%
NO 6 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    I'm joining EV, as they are going to lose and then they will get a pink name and Lassie wants a pink name. Baaaad.

    Now, if you really want someone to be embarrassed, put "Loserface_" in front of their username. ;3
  2. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    You're correct. I opened the threads all at the same time.

    I dunno if Kota will allow that o_O I'll find out though. It's a pain in the ass because we're still waiting for the winner's prizes from the actual Clan Wars (you know who you are, hurry the hell up will you >:[) so I have no idea if that'd be allowed.

    And you'd be an expert? XD

  3. kyo Guest

    Ultima knows exactly how much we suck. He is, after all, a returning customer. I think he thinks there's a punch card; after 10 visits you get free Syphilis
  4. UltimaxWeapon SSFW II - 3rd Place Champion

    A Clan Leader is a lot like an NFL Quarterback. Their teams will only go as far as their Quarterback takes them. You took them straight to last place... >.>
  5. Exiled Shadow

    DX XD

    Why do I feel like my own 'mates will loses on purpose just to see me in pink?
  6. Kota I don't think will allow that as Sam said. For two, owning SoO and being a mod, my name is not changing from my moderator color to pink if we just so happen to lose. o_O' and if this is for just something for the clans to do, I'll talk to Sam about mini-battles like we had done last year that doesn't include spamming.
  7. Yoyo Mr. Captain America

    Tbh, it wouldn't be the same as I'm looking for a rematch battle post wise lol. You could hold a GFX tournaments, RPG threads, and maybe quizzes but it's nothing I'm clamoring for.

    Overall, my simple request turning into a bureaucracy matter is slowing killing both my enthusiasm and the little senseless fun i was hoping for.

    I would feel many of the others here that voted Yes would feel the same that if the people in charge of clan competition ignored our request to put out something they would like people to be doing instead.

    Other than that, maybe we could go instead of Lasci suggestion of loser face?
  8. I mean, you can do it, I don't really care lol. That's not for me to decide. I'll do it if it isn't a big deal to the higher up.
  9. Cryoshell True Keyblade Wielder

    I think that instead of a pink USERNAME, the losing team gets a pink CLAN NAME.
    For example, say SoO loses. Instead of having it be in violet, it would be like this for the standard members. SoO and for Nicole, it would be like this.
    Leader - Sanctuary Of Oblivion
  10. Exiled Shadow

    First, thats mageta, two, Nicole's title as clan leader is already pink.

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