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  1. Two weeks ahead though is seeming kinda blurry for me. I'm in the middle of a possible job transition and stuff, and things on my end are on the rocks. I prefer it to be sooner the better.
  2. Venus Clan Mistress - NP

    A week, then? Someone in my family died recently, so I'd rather if it wasn't TOO soon. ._.;
  3. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    Here are the categories we can potentially incorporate into the Clan Wars (thanks to all of you who made suggestions ^^)-

    Thread Battle
    Dress-up contest
    RPG- Kingdom Hearts
    Random RPG
    Clan banner
    Random GFX
    Non- GFX art competition

    Any other suggestions?
  4. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Drawing contest could be another category?
  5. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    I think that's what's meant by non- GFX XD <3

    Also I was thinking of setting a provisional start date for Saturday 26th June, and running it over 3 weeks. Kayam's gonna be my co-clan master so that the rest of you can concentrate on leading your clans to victory :3
  6. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Oh, I didn't see that one xD

    I remember there was like a singing contest, maybe we could have something like that or a video/blog.
  7. Venus Clan Mistress - NP

    Yesss, variety! <3

    Sounds fun. :3
  8. Miss Lockheart Administrator | Aesthetics Leader | Mother

    A media contest would be fun- it could be video or voice recordings :3
  9. John Review Team Co-Leader

    I like the Drawing and the RPG Kingdom hearts categories....i love to draw
  10. Jaytee Sleeping Lion Wielder

    I wouldn't mind one of them =D

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