Absolute Synergy Application Thread

Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Alen, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. TwilightGuardian True Keyblade Wielder

    :MONOCLE: if anything you are my children and your father is coming home but im to old to be bothered by you wipper snappers
  2. fallenxangel Fortune Teller

    Personal info:
    Age: 20 (21 in a couple of weeks)
    Interests: video games, tv, horseback riding, movies
    Why SYN: because this seems like an awesome clan and i've never belonged to one before
    What can you provide for the clan and/or it's members (Are you supportive, talkative, provide relevant knowledge and intelligent/mature discussion): I can provide what knowledge I have, and I am supportive and I can be talkative

    Clan-specific info:
    What role/s would you prefer (Writing/Debating/Trivia etc.): I prefer writing
    How active will you be: As often as I can (all the time lol)
  3. Arthur Clan Leader - Absolute Synergy | Greeter

    Hello and welcome to Absolute Synergy!
  4. fallenxangel Fortune Teller

    Thank you! :)
  5. Personal Information, eh?
    Username: Destiny Guard
    Age: 20 (21 in 11 days on the 21st, ironically)
    Interest(s): RPG's, Ted Dekker (among other Literature), reading and writing, when the mood strikes me, television, etc. etc. etc.
    Why SYN: I seem to have a number of past friends already involved in this clan, and it seems like the right place to jump in.
    What can you provide for the clan or its members: Hm, counseling? I'm currently in college majoring in psychology. I like to write, but I have to like the topic or it comes out like crap. Definitely want to be able to have some in depth deep discussions.

    Clan-Specific info:
    What roles would you prefer: Writing, maybe. I'm willing to try my hand at just about anything.
    How active will you be: Daily, usually.
  6. Arthur Clan Leader - Absolute Synergy | Greeter

    Hello there and we welcome you to Absolute Synergy!
  7. ~Wingly~ Bandit

    Username: ~Wingly~
    Why you wish to join: Looking for a clan to join and this seems to have the nicest members and most interesting name.
    What can you can bring to the Clan:Activity, brilliance, heart of a young boy.
    How active should you be: Active.
    Extras: #Swag #YOLO
  8. Username: Bleed My Heart
    Why you wish to join:I need a clan and this seems like the clan for me
    What can you can bring to the Clan: roleplay,chat, just anything that isnt here.
    How active should you be: Daily
    Extras: (Theres no need for extras)

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