Absolute Synergy Application Thread

Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by Alen, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Welcome to Absolute Synergy

    Formerly known as Sanctuary of Oblivion. We are previous Clan Wars champions and have morphed into something even greater. We are the most synergistic clan of all. If you have what it takes to join our clan, fill out the form below.


    All that we ask from you is to post occasionally at the least. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our leaders:



  2. Makaze Gambler


    Why you wish to join:
    I need a clan and you guys seem pretty cool to me. Open minded at least. May change my mind later.

    What can you can bring to the Clan:
    I'm a good hand at debate even though I could stand to be more patient. I can contribute graphic art, but it has been a long time. I can bring my personality, whatever that is worth.

    How active should you be:
    Every day unless otherwise noted.

    First application; woo~.

  3. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Accepted and welcome =]
  4. Kryp☭ik Clan Co-Leader SYN

    Username: Kryptik
    Why you wish to join: Because TKL booted me and Alen's awesomeness brought me here.
    What can you can bring to the Clan: More awesomeness, my hyper self, some debating skills, some design skills, some uncommon knowledge, music taste, some movie knowledge, some anime knowledge as well as some other things.

    How active should you be: 100%
    Extras: um..... Alen's an awesome leader!....yeah!
    [Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to everyone who's having one this week & next week]

  5. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Haha, very flattering but I feel it's a little early to judge.

    Anyway, WELCOME.
  6. Aqueous Dreams Morning Star

    Username: Aqueous Dreams

    Why you wish to join: Because Alen told me so, and because it's impossible to have a conversation with him unless, like he suggested, I join Absolute Synergy.

    What can you can bring to the Clan: I can pretty much do anything if it's interesting enough. Just give me an idea and I can work with it. I like to make sigs/graphics, debate, role-play, chat, hang out and make friends. Just give me the place to do it and consider it done 8)

    How active should you be: I will be as active as I can. I'm going back to class tomorrow and I have a lot of gaps in between classes where I can jump online :D

    Extras: *insert witty comment*
  7. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    We'll have to do something about that SK insignia, but other than that welcome ;]
  8. Jaytee Sleeping Lion Wielder

    Oh Alen, you sexy thang, bringing all these lovely people <3.
  9. Almighty Shadow

    Username: Almighty
    Why you wish to join: It was recommended by Snow, so I said what the hell. I'm down.
    What can you can bring to the Clan: Everything that isn't already there.
    How active should you be: I can be pretty active. But will I be pretty active? Why of course I will.
    Extras: Deleted Scenes are on the unrated version of the DVD.
  10. Alen Master Lycan-Assassin

    Can I borrow it?

    I mean welcome.

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