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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts' started by AnsemDiz, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    First off, in KH1, Kairi's body disappears when she flies into Sora and he obtains he heart. Sora's just a little heart collector ain't he? My question is, where does Riku find her body? Like, obviously it ain't with Namine, and it disappeared, so where did Riku find it?

    Second, why did Ventus not get his heart back when Sora released the hearts inside him? Kairi got hers back, so why didn't Ventus get his back? Why instead did it give Roxas his form?
  2. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    I think i might be able to answer some of that.

    There is no real confirmation but i think the kairi dissapearing act. Was actually her hearts manifestation of herself. LIke we have seen before. So when she dissappeared, it was actually the scene of her going into Soras heart.

    As for Ventus heart. Well you have to remember that Sora heart helped ventus path up his, so when Ventus needed to sleep again and went into Soras that has been it. Its been lying dorment. So when Sora released his heart Kairis was body was nearby. While Ventus was asleep, so it couldnt travel between worlds possibly. This is all assuming Roxas got a hold of Ventus heart, instead of just havign the nobody designed around it.
  3. Misty Fortune Teller

    I believe Maleficent&co. were the ones to find her originally, were they not? Riku didn't see her body until Neverland, I believe, where they're presumably being transported to Hollow Bastion. Where exactly Maleficent found the body is never answered, but when a world falls as Destiny Islands did, everything is scattered--as we see, Sora ends up in Traverse Town, Riku in Hollow Bastion, etc. Kairi could have gone anywhere.
  4. darkhorseD Wyvern

    Kairi must have wound up on Neverland when everything was scattered
  5. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    I dont think she was on neverland.. I think she was on somewhere else thats unknown, thats why Riku traveled there on hooks ship and then on their way bvack of course, ran into Sora near neverland when they were captureing wendy for princess approval.
  6. Riku Bookmaster

    She wasn't on Neverlands, Misty your wrong about it, When Sora goes back to Traverse Town after completing the first three worlds, Riku tells Sora he found Kairi, so he had probably found her after they all seperated, most likely he arrived at Hollow Bastion during the war between Ansem the Wise and Maleficent, and when she emerged victorious and swept Leon, Yuffie and Cid to Traverse Town, he went with them, and he stayed then found Sora, and Maleficent had followed him there.

    As for Ventus, he probably was infested by Sora's nobody when it was released along with his heart which made him a heartless, As Yen Sid says, the original body of the heartless's original form becomes a nobody, so the nobody found Ventus some how, and then became Roxas, So Roxas gained Ventus's heart when Sora released Kairi's.

    Then again he could've only released Kairi's and Roxas along with Namine don't have a heart at all, THAT'S IT, THE HEART TURNED INTO A HEARTLESS, AND WHEN SORA'S NOBODY/ROXAS WAS MADE WITH THE HEARTLESS, ROXAS WASN'T AFFECTED AT ALL, Basically what I'm trying to say is, Look at dis genius.
  7. lionsbarrage True Keyblade Wielder

    Was that a serious theory reply? Im asking because i dont know if your serious or just making a wisecrack.
  8. Autosaver Guardian Soul Wielder

    Unfortunately, I have never beat Kingdom Hearts I but I remember RE:Coded showing a cutscene where Riku was on a tower with a sleeping Kairi.

    Was it confirmed that Roxas has Ventus's heart? And wasn't Ventus's heart incomplete which is why it lied with Sora?
  9. AnsemDiz Monochrome Wielder

    Yes. Vanitas is the darnkess of Ventus' heart, meaning that he had only light in his heart, but there's no 7 Princes of Light lol and so his heart was incomplete and went to Sora. But no as far as I know it's not confirmed that Roxas had Ventus' heart. That's just a theory I believe
  10. Key of Valor Sleeping Lion Wielder

    It was confirmed that Roxas has a heart, but it wasn't confirmed where that heart came from.

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