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Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Roxanne, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Noid Creeper

    I was mostly referring to Cocaine's post. I guess I should have quoted him in regards to what I stated and to that I will say, "my bad". I suppose it is safe for you to assume that I would accuse the staff abandoning this place to start anew, but then again, I haven't been here long enough to even judge that so shame on you for hurting my wee little feelings. ;)

    What I was trying to say was that those who are willing to still help out here should be the ones that are in charge. Alex stated he wants to help, then by god let the man do his thing. We all know what is wrong with this site and it's nice to see you guys capitalizing on it. I will tip my hat to you for doing such a thing. How long it will last is a different story. I know I will remain posting on here because I'm already getting that bad vibe from the other site by just how things are dealt with. I looked in the first couple of threads and can sense the douchebagery. Of course that is all but my own feelings so if you want to try and wave your penis in front of my face about it then go ahead, but you'll just be proving my point.

    So whatever, good luck. Stay strong. Live long and prosper.

    Oh, and Vegnya, hit my up bby. ;P
  2. Jess Admin

    I really do want to reiterate that we are in no way is this place being abandoned, or pushed aside. I am 100% dedicated to it—this is reflected by the fact that I've been newly appointed as Administrator. I know I will personally help and aid KH3 to either continue to chug along, or to adapt—in whatever way that means. EO is a place that the community can move to if they wish, with no obligations. This thread is here simply to allow people the opportunity to decide.
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  3. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    All I said was that the staff wasn't abandoning the site which is what your post strongly implied which you also acknowledge in the first paragraph and then in the second paragraph you talk about me flailing my dick.

    Calm down. You're being a douchebag.
  4. Noid Creeper

    I never stated that you were flailing your dick. I don't even know what gave you that impression. >_> I said that the other site seems douchey to me and that was it. Sorry if my comments don't fit with you well but I get the feeling that you are really misinterpreting what I am saying. Nothing I am saying is directed at staff nor is it directed at you. The "going down with his ship" was a general statement which can be applied to anyone that merits it. I can see how you think that "captain" applies to staff but that isn't what I meant. There are people that can be like a captain and stick through with it to the end.

    Sorry if my post bothers you though, I didn't have that intention.
  5. Misuzu Super Usagi | Clan Co-Boss - TKL | Site Staff

    May I ask you what seems 'douchey' about the other site? An example, perhaps? Just want to change our ways if something is off to help improve the site/staff.
  6. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    Not going to address your posts any further beyond this point but just want to make it clear that you said it. Except I said "flail" instead of "wave."

    Also, captain by it's definition is the leader. So don't pull some snarky "ohoho, but wait, there's more!" out of nowhere as if I'M the one misinterpreting you. But I've only been here a little while so what do I know. I responded to your post, you were offensive in return, I addressed your offensive words, and you warped the situation as if it isn't readable at any time. You're not making sense and you're just hate-mongering. You're calling the new site douchebaggy which is an outright and blatantly unsubstantiated lie. There is nothing on that site to back up an opinion like that on the matter which leads me to believe you have a predetermined bias against the site so whatever. So please, go search EO for anything that you could possibly find offensive in order to reaffirm your confirmation-bias.
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  7. Axizol The Ostrich King

    I really appreciate you guy's enthusiasm about starting anew and revamping everything. I am honestly excited to see what you guys come up with!

    However, if you all want to start a new thread to discuss it, that would be wonderful. This thread is about something else entirely. I'll be happy to move your posts over once the thread is made and everything!

    Hopefully this momentum can continue!
  8. Blade Gargoyle Warrior

    You are wise my friend. I share the same view.
  9. Zai Nobody Destroyer

    Well, uh, that was fast.
  10. Mr. Rager Fenrir Wielder

    I've been on the new forum for a couple of days now and it really is lively. I mean the site has been up for about 3 days officially I believe and it's managed to gather 75+ members. It's not just the site staff and news that keeps a site going. It's the members, if people aren't posting (for whatever the reason may be) then obviously the site is gonna die. That being said HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the site staff for taking such a project on. In my eyes their doing a great job :D
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