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Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Roxanne, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    KH3 is not what it used to be. People have grown up, moved on, found other places to be--be they online and otherwise. I'm here to tell you though, if you still enjoy forums and if you still want a community that is active and worth being a part of we have the option for you.

    "But Roxy how is this different from Enix Hearts?" Same question I asked myself really. Enix Origin is not meant to be a sister site, or a supplementary site. This is an options for those seeking an active community with consistent posts. We will be merging with a site some of you may or may not have heard of : KH Planet.

    For those of you who have been there since the beginning, don't worry I understand. Your comfort level is here, your home is here. Why should you move to a forum with a software you don't even really like and forsake what you have always known? Well the truth is you don't have to. This Forum will be maintained, it will not be abandoned. It will remain here for those faithful forumers that have always seen it as their home forum. With Jess acting as admin I can assure you it will not be some scrap of trash doomed to be thrown away. but in terms of innovations, in terms of where we want to go, kh3 is currently at a standstill.

    Axizol: Unfortunately, this website's beautiful communitiy has dimmed to a simple flickering light. We would love to do everything that we can to rejuvenate the forums and the main site, but we have exhausted almost all of our options. Fortunately, we have found an alternative. We've been playing around with the idea of changing the forum to a Square Enix based fan forum for awhile, but nothing has ever come from it. Well, the administration team has done just that! Teamed with former KHPlanet, we've made Enix Origin, a new SE fan website! It offers our community a new start to grow, enjoy each other's company and forum life. We are all hoping that you join and give it a try because this is the migration that we've been asking for for years.

    Your support would mean everything to us. As representatives of KH3.org, we would love for your passion and love for these online communities to fester in our potentially new home.

    Misuzu: Moving to a different site will not destroy the family-like community that has resided in this forum. The community will always exist--it just cannot flourish on this site anymore. It's time to expand the family and bring it back to life somewhere that it can actually grow.

    If you want to be apart of this community, the choice is absolutely yours. If not don't worry you still have a place here.

    We hope that you guys enjoy this site as much as you liked this one. Here's to a new community!

  2. R▲O MEELK GOD | Clan Boss - TKL

    Truth is, we've just been watching this site dwindle away into just being a tab to hit the refresh button on every 20 minutes or so to see if someone even posted anything. This site, while sentimental, is nothing like it used to be when everyone seemed so active and so much was always going on. Every section here is dead and hardly anyone says anything - mostly to post in the thinking thread, currently listening to thread, or some other stale thread that really offers nothing of interest or value to the community. There's never anything new posted in the artwork section, RP has been dead so long even its bones are rotting away, and the general sections are as interesting as yahoo on a slow night. Everything is as predictable as a Micheal Bay movie and honestly there's just nothing left to do here. Those of us that haven't left already are just hopefully waiting for something interesting, something unexpected in any way, to appear on just one-more-refresh or click of the new posts button but nothing ever happens. Ultimately I think it's going to be really weird moving to a new site but I think it's the only way there will be activity and threads reminiscent of what this used to be years ago.
  3. Makaze Gambler

    If I may, a move is not going to solve the problem. One needs something to bring users together... Everyone going their separate ways is the root of the problem. A group project or something might help...

    Above and beyond the move.
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  4. Axizol The Ostrich King

    We appreciate the suggestion! We've got a group project in motion but that is Phase II of opening. You should all hear from it in a few days from EO!
  5. Roxanne Site Leader|Co-Badass GoddamnGhostbuster

    This move is not meant to be a solution to the problem. As I stated it is an option to our ongoing problem. If you don't like it, feel free not to join.
  6. Makaze Gambler

    Already joined. I'm not complaining, but I am a cynic. One has expectations.
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  7. Dylan? Nobody Destroyer

    Foruming is losing out to social medias, twitter and the like, solely because it's just "too slow" to compensate the modern internet-user's fast-paced updating on their friend's goings on. Sort of like what we saw with the RP thread genre and it's decline here, albeit on a larger scale-- the pace doesn't match the desire to work with such a pace. Not to mention we're all getting older, smarter, and have hot GFs.

    Global warming and cooling is a thing that happens. Waning friendship is a thing that also happens. This is happening too, you know, and it's difficult to watch and to undergo. But it's happening. Here's to hoping this newest site has that spark to make something else happen now.

    edit, so yeah I'll join. luv u guys.
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  8. Avarice True Keyblade Wielder

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  9. Blade Gargoyle Warrior

    I personally know that you guys spent day and night thinking of ideas to make this site to where it was. But you don't have the resources to do anything and I feel for you. People reading this thread should not feel betrayed but proud that its staff has the decency to try something different and try and bring this site to what it once was with more resources somewhere else.

    My hat goes off to this team.

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  10. John Review Team Co-Leader

    Welllllll you obviously knew I was going to but my opinion into this, which is obviously what I'm going to do. While the merge itself I don't really have a problem with, it's the needing to move to a different site that I don't understand. I knew about this from the beginning and told you all that Alex said we could. It's also against the rules to be doing this publicly. Like I mean I just don't understand. But do what you guys think is okay, I highly doubt it's going to stop everyone from coming here honestly. Most of us have it either homepaged or up on the toolbar.

    Doesn't matter though, personally I will not be joining. I find it really pointless.

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