A New Age of Ninja: Return of the Uchiha

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    Raito’s eye hesitantly shifted slightly, a gleaming beam of radiant light seizing his gaze. It only took him a mere instant to recognize the source of the illumination; a blade was about to collided with his muscular frame. His quick reflexes suddenly took over his absolute actions, forcing him to retreat his assault. The Life shinobi unclenched his balled fist, and dug his feet firmly into the solid earth below his holy presence. His knees shuttered slightly, signaling his withdraw. His vengeful structure flexed, and he pushed himself backwards, scarcely dodging the abrupt swipe of unmerciful steel.

    I forgot about her.

    “You should not meddle in my plans, girl,” Raito announced as he leisurely observed Aiko’s stance. “I am only after the two brothers.”


    Sasko swiftly leaned forward, and his existence suddenly dissolved from the world. It appeared as if he the heavens that once beckoned his presence wanted him back. Then, Sasko rematerialize next to his brother’s location, a serene expression on his tanned face.

    “H-Hibiki,” Sasko stuttered, his step-brother’s name almost fleeing from his intellect. “I don’t know how I came back and I don’t know why, but I’m here. I’m… sorry.”
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    " You can apologize after we beat this guy. Listen we have to take this battle elsewhere. I have a feeling this is gonna get ugly." Hibiki pulled a explosive kunai out of his weapons pouch. He spun it around his middle finger, then held it in his hand. " We use the smoke to get away." He threw the explosive kunai knife at Raito's feet creating a cloud of grey smoke around Raito.

    Hibiki hopped towards the village gate on Banri's back. "Banri we're going to the forest. We'll finish this battle there."
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    Sasko nodded in harmony, and then he once again inclined forward. His vigorous frame jolted into conflict as he settled on the filthy soil below. His legs moved forward, transferring the young ninja into the smoke cloud. Being the born genius that he was preordained to be, Sasko had memorized the scenery of the battleground, and even the precise position of Aiko and Raito.

    The adolescent hurriedly ran in front of his female partner, and tenderly picked her up in his arms. Then, Sasko gradually knelt down, lowering his sense of gravity. With a sudden shove of supreme action dwelling within his cranium, he let loose the might he had accumulated, and leaped upwards. They emerged from the makeshift concealment, leaving the Life warrior stranded in veil of smoke. Sasko trailed his brother, Aiko in his grasp, as they ran towards the Hidden Leaf forest.

    “Are they running away?” Raito stated as he tranquilly strolled out of the dissipating smolder. “Don’t run away from me!”

    Raito hurdled forward, his structure defying the very laws of gravity itself. His definite resolve would never allow these mere children to escape.
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    Hibiki turned his head around to see Raito right behind them. "Damn he is a persistent one, I give him that." Hibiki turned his body on hundred eighty degrees. He jumped off Banri's back, he a preformed a series of hand signs. He he closed his hand leaving his index finger. "Fire Style: Black Fire Flame Jutsu!" Circular black flames emerged from Hibiki's mouth at flew straight to Raito. Hibiki glided through the air watching his flames create flames in the forest. He turned at looked at Sasko.

    "That should stop him for a while, at least I think it will. Banri thanks for the help you can go now." The giant toad disappeared in a cloud of smoke. " We need to regroup so I'll make some clones." Hibiki made his clones as the stood wait for Raito.

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    Sasko inaudibly landed behind his brother, vigilantly placing Aiko back onto the dense terrain below their existence. The inferno that Hibiki had just produced would give them a small amount of time to recover and recollect their plans Even if Raito did somehow penetrate through the wall of vibrate flames, Hibiki’s artificial clones would provide more critical time they yearned for.

    We can't beat him like this.

    “He’s way too strong for us to take head on,” Sasko suggested, his vision obscured by the looming shroud of smoke that engulfed them. “One of us needs to distract him while the other two attack from behind.”

    Raito came to a impulsive halt as soon as the divider of heat penetrated his sense of sight. A mirage of fire had materialized out of Hibiki’s mouth, surrounding the Life ninja’s only entrance. A wave of warmth walloped him in his facade, which fashioned a diminutive droplet of saline liquid to reel down his pastel skin.

    “Fire?” the merciless leader retorted as he placed his free hand against the rising delusion combustion. “They must be really desperate if they are trying to slow me down.”
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    Man, this may be the nostalgia talking, but I'm so tempted to finish this. I would have to do it on my own, but I feel like this story deserves some closure. One of my biggest regrets is having this die. Maybe I'll find a way to make an ending for this trilogy.

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