50 Shades is basically the greatest book ever.

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Lasci, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    I've never had the pleasure of reading so much gut busting comedy in a single volume of literature. Ever.

    oh my god it's perfectly terrible.
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  2. HappyHeartless Mark 1 Extreme Robotical Type Lovemachine

    Oh you pervert!
    (Ok so I haven't actually read it but from what I understand it's basically ladies porn?)
  3. Lasci Fenrir Wielder

    It's erotica fantasy unrealistic BDSM bullshit that was poorly modified from Twilight fan fiction that features a serial killer with overly long fingers and a fourteen year old in a college senior's body.

    Also, lines like "the muscles inside the deepest, darkest part of me clench in the most delicious of ways" and "my inner goddess [the oft-referred entity that characterizes the narrator's subconscious thoughts] is doing the merengue with some salsa moves" to describe sex.
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  4. Lolita Fat Bandit

    Oh thank God, you scared me there for a minute.
  5. HappyHeartless Mark 1 Extreme Robotical Type Lovemachine

    Ohoho, that does sounds brilliantly hilarious indeed - will have to find some sort of quote compilation or something.
  6. Noxty Rumbling Rose Wielder

    Well theres a rumored of a 50 shades of grey movie
    starring Emma Watson, who else?
    and today I heard that 50 shades of grey has inspired a line of clothing style
    interesting enough i googled it to see if I head wrong but looks like it is
  7. Kyary eximius moderator

    I. What am I reading, just.
    wat is dis lol
  8. Misty Fortune Teller

    > Movie
    How even... wouldn't that just be porn... I mean I've not read the book but from what I understand, there's not much to it besides the horizontal tango. Also Hermione no plz stay an adorable baby. ;c

    > Clothing style
    how even x2
    Unless there is some kind of fashion movement that involves detachable storage for your whips and chains?

    But I think a lot of people are now buying 50 Shades out of either curiosity or in pursuit of the comedic value, which there's nothing wrong with, I just feel bad for all the sales trophies it has taken. To each their own, though.
  9. Zombie Girl Super Undead | Debate Champ | Editor

    Truly a modern day Shakespeare.

    I was discussing this book with a friend, who is a huge fan, and pointed out that it started life as a fanfiction (which she refused to believe as there are no vampires), and that some consider the relationship abusive and manipulative, and she said it was alright because
    they get married in the end


    I do think that the way they've sold it in supermarkets at ultra low prices (three books for £7, £2.99 each, when the RRP is £7.99) is clever. It makes it very accessible to the intended audience, and because so many people have got it at this stage there is no shame in picking up a dirty book out of curiousity with your weekly shopping.
  10. Dion Clan God - Serenity Kingdom

    I can't even read past the first page. ._.

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