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Wow this is really confusing. Jul 23, 2012

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Jul 7, 2015
    1. TwilightGuardian
      I needs some helps can you assist me with something sir
      1. Willfosho
        Yes, what did you need?
        Aug 29, 2012
      2. TwilightGuardian
        Tis resolved already but if i do need something i will come back
        Aug 29, 2012
    2. Twitchy
      I get this alert at like four thirty in the morning that you're following me. FOUR. THIRTY. BRO IT'S CREEPY. YOU FOLLOWING ME HOME, HUH. GONNA MUG ME IN AN ALLEY, HUH. PUNK.
      1. Twitchy
        Also did you read Daredvil cuz I had to like post that and get right off so I haven't checked the thread yet.
        Aug 26, 2012
      2. Willfosho
        haha not yet but I will check it out after I finish batman and robin :) and yeah im creepy I want you bro
        Aug 26, 2012
    3. Willfosho
      Wow this is really confusing.
    4. Miss Lockheart
      Wow that must get really tedious at times O.O Did you see any of the pictures in the thread? Cutest thing evah!!! :3
    5. Miss Lockheart
      Hmm, did it make you quite wheezy and growly? Because Logan is like that too, and doesn't always sleep long for some reason o.o oooh let's hope so, Kayam's really throwing himself into the dad role and it's so nice to see!
    6. Miss Lockheart
      OMG freedom for you very soon!!! Good luck with it all, it sounds like a really exciting career :3 and he's much better now, we had some trouble when he was born because he had to switch to formula milk and it turns out he has infant cow's milk allergy, so for weeks he had awful stomach cramps and barely stopped crying. Now he's on a special formula that's prescribed for him and is cow's milk and soya free. He's actually smiling and playing now :)
    7. Miss Lockheart
      Ooooooh so much US to fit in :D and I'm just chilling, not at school anymore since I wanted to concentrate on the kids for now, and Kayam's on summer break and won't be back until September. We're just trying to make the most of it whilst we can still give Logan lots of attention!! :3
    8. Miss Lockheart
      Ahahaha yeah he can be a taskmaster when he gets going XD I actually kinda wonder what else he has planned, seems like a man with a mission at the moment. He was pretty upset when he heard Bekki and I were planning to move the forum elsewhere. And enjoy your hols Will, going anywhere nice? :3
    9. Miss Lockheart
      ;P we do, we do. It will probably be that we're less active for a few weeks because of summer break, I'll have the kids to think about and Kayam will be taking Logan sometimes so I can concentrate on Jonathan. I think I will shoot Kain a PM just to let him know o.o
    10. Miss Lockheart
      We are right now, LOL XD he denies everything. Besides we did have something of a break when Logan was first born, and things are getting easier slowly so we will be getting right back into the swing of things. We don't log in every night anyway, because we have snuggly time then ;D
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