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Jul 17, 2013
    1. John
      Happy birthday bro
    2. Vegnya
      Me too D:
    3. Misuzu
      I'm afraid your sig is too big - the limits are 500x300. D; Please change it asap! Also, welcome back. 8D
    4. John
      Also you can just call me john
    5. John
      No problem, Its a pleasure helping.
    6. John
      They should give you the code like i did with mine...but if they don't all you have to do is right click the sig, click copy link location...then paste it in the signatrue then you put the [IMG] around it.
    7. John
      I don't really think they are new tricks haha. But either way, good. Is there any thing else you need help with? I'm pretty well versed on here, There are only a few things that i myself cannot answer.
    8. John
      Go my apprentice lol
    9. John
      That's a little difficult to do in VM since in Vms the youtube BBC code isn't allows but i'll explain it
      There is a youtube link ok you take the part that is bolded..which is usually after an = mark or inbetween two = mark

      then you take the youtube BBC code which is this

      [*YOUTUBE]insert that part of the link here[/YOUTUBE]

      Again without the asterik
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    I'm Me and im proud of it. Kingdom Hearts has been a big part of my life and as has this forum i lost the original profile of Macdaddy.T but now that im back i am The Original Macdaddy.T and im ready to rock the forum world!

    Music, Kingdom hearts