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Oct 4, 2017
    1. Roxas 1994
      It was a fun time RPGing with you, Becca, and Azure. So bottom line, thank you for making this forum experience one to remember.
    2. Roxas 1994
      I just wanted to say thank you for being a good friend on here and making RPGs really enjoyable. I've just been going through old RPG stuff, and also going through old memories that came with them. You were an awesome RPGer, and you made them really fun. I still wish I didn't let Code of Energy die and we got to finish it. I had so much planned for it.
    3. Roxas 1994
      Hey, so I don't know of you'll see this, since this place is pretty dead, but I'm going to try anyway. I also hope that you remember me.
    4. Vegnya
      Thank you for the re-cap.

      Actually, I'm in the process of having another player added to the cast, if that's okay. She's a friend of mine hoping to get back into the RP scene.
    5. Vegnya
      Bushido and Fate/
    6. Vegnya
      Am I too far behind?
    7. Vegnya
      Well, you got a point since, ya know, some certain Catholic bishops in America....

      ANYWAY, that itself could provide a plot device. Perhaps the American government, CIA, or some unofficial branch that deals with international/supernatural issues wants to get something out of a Grail War.

      Really hoping we get enough people to play. I want to play an official from the Church, mostly because I am Roman Catholic. ^^;; And though Type-Moon never confirmed it, The Church practically is the Catholic Church, mainly Roman Catholic.
    8. Vegnya
      Who said the Church and Mages Association could never reach overseas? ;D
    9. Vegnya
      I don't blame you, and the same time I say don't dwell on your mistakes. You've come this far to build some hype. Perhaps you may not get what you really want, which is why sometimes compromising could be a good idea.

      You want a Fate/ RP? Hell yes. But sadly, it appears that not many here even know of the Type-Moon material. Quite sad, yes, but it's something to consider. Instead of outright calling Fate/ how about giving it a different title and slightly different premise meanwhile making it clear that it takes from the Fate/ universe.
    10. John
      Everyone did man. Everyone did.
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