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Shadow, from Currently Spira, trying to get back to Zanarkand.

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Jun 1, 2011
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    4. Alexithymia
      /Komadori blinks then grins.
      "Well now ya know I exist! Well, one could hardly call La'cryma home, as the surface is unhospitable. But there ya have it. It was 15 years ago."

      /Komadori smirks.
      "Quantum mechanics and timespace is confusing unless you know it down to the last microscopic detail. Now come on, look ahead! See that figure resting under the tree? That's him!"

      /The Knight skids to a halt for a moment, and nods.
      "Patience is of the essence. Time has little meaning in certain places."

      /Komadori shrugs and sighs.
      "Friends for 15 years... it was only through being trained together side by side that these feelings came to be. I should return to La'cryma. Last I remember of Kite was in the hospital wing watching them replenish his Reizu."
    5. Alexithymia
      "And you have a Dragon Knight for company in place of a chimera. Well, call it what you wish. What would you call La'cryma, then?"

      /Komadori shrugged once more with a smirk.
      "Despite being the image of death, he's a fine looking lad. Alex was lucky to know him... too bad they are locked with eachothers' existences, and thus could not have their hearts entwined... heh, that sounded like a love story."

      /As they paced down the snowy path, snowflakes drifting silently from the pitch black sky, the Dragon Knight drew her cape over to keep warm.
      "You keep striving to do so, Spira. I have faith in you, Spira. You'll find him again."

      /Konadori blinked with a baffled stare.
      "... Because it's too risky. The heartache was unbearable when my family was destroyed by Shangri'la. I'd rather not endure that pain again."

      /She then began to smirk.
      "Besides! Kite's an odd one. He seems laid back to the extent that I don't think he realises that I more than appreciate his existence... gah, we've known eachother for 15 years. I don't know what to do."
    6. Alexithymia
      /Komadori pondered upon the subject, only to shrug and smile optimistically.
      "Well, I'm glad you exist. Otherwise, I'd have nobody to be around in L'Eternite - this dimension, as we call it."

      "Mhm. Grimm's called the Reaper for a reason; his scythe. Not to mention his deathly pale appearance. He's kinda cute to say the least~!"

      /Komadori blinks.
      "They say that there is an infinite number of timespace. In at least one other dimension, it wouldn't have ended like that. Just be happy for that other dimension, right?"

      /Komadori shyed away somewhat, smiling uneasily.
      "Eeeh... I shouldn't fall for him. Either one of us could die in battle and take away that chance."
    7. Alexithymia
      "Heh, I suppose we're both of different dimensions, we seem odd to one another."

      /Komadori leapt to her feet and yanked hold of her arm.
      "There's no time like the present! Let's visit the mage. His name is Grimm. We call him the Reaper."

      /Komadori simply sighed.
      "Well, it can't be helped. So long as you're alive now, that's the main thing."

      /The Knight nodded knowingly.
      "Eh... yeah. I don't know what do though."
    8. Alexithymia
      /Komadori simply shakes her head with a heavy sigh at Spira.
      "Reizu particles. Every Dragon Knight has their cellular structure altered to that of Reizu. It strengthens us and gives us... peculiar anatomical weapons known as spin weapons. Heh."

      /Komadori nodded solemnly.
      "Indeed. You should meet with them separately. Infact, why don't I come with you for such?"

      /Komadori lay upon her back, gazing up at the blackened sky.
      "The Organization XIII, huh... I heard of you guys. You were involved in some dark stuff then, huh Spira? Man, you should've been born into La'cryma. As ruined as it is, and we're not allowed on the surface, it's okay... it's all good."

      /Komadori glared shyly at Spira.
    9. Alexithymia
      /Komadori simply smirked.
      "Hah. We've already found the Dragon Torque. I'm simply off duty and not in that dimension because I have to allow my Reizu to replenish. If it depletes too much, then I won't be able to replenish it myself, and I may die."

      /Komadori couldn't quite understand the pain and thus, only shrugged her shoulders.
      "The least you should do is meet with the mage or the assassin sometime. Not both at once, of course. That would cause massive upheaval and chaos. I don't know how they feel towards one another now. They used to be good friends, but... knowing one anothers' feelings towards Alexithymia... y'know."

      /Komadori ponders for a moment, before nodding.
      "It's not particularly hard. We're trained to do so from day 1. We are taught to care for our fellow Knights, but if they are dying and we are unable to help, then we are taught to help them drift off into death in the most soothing way possible."
      /Komadori raises her hood slightly at the mentioning of 'him'.
      "Him? He... his name's Kite. He's a fellow Dragon Knight. Known him since we started training together. He... well... heheh..."
      /The Dragon Knight began to smile oddly, her once solemn pale blue gaze growing glassy.
    10. Alexithymia
      /Komadori simply shook her head and sighed, pulling her hooded cape over her bright locks of brown.
      "Ah, sure. We need to be saved from an alternate dimension known as Shangri'la. It seeks to erode La'cryma, and it's succeeding at a frightening rate."
      /Komadori blinked once or twice, and simply shook her head.
      "I know not of what has become of the young man, but I hear he's heartbroken beyond repair. He managed to teach her the more complex means of human emotion, so I can understand why he grew so close. I'm unsure as to whether or not he has returned to his time with Kefka yet. Maybe you could talk to him. He knows the full details, obviously."
      /Komadori once again shook her head.
      "It must've been hard... I couldn't take it... y'know... if I were him. The assassin. Watching the mage take hold and have her die in his arms instead. Well, I don't know. We Dragon Knights see death on a daily basis, and thus, choose not to attach ourselves to people. Except of course... heheh... him..."
      /Komadori smiled awkwardly and pulled her hood over her face for a few moments.
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