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Nov 15, 2013
    1. Xatyrn
      1. Xatyrn
        Jul 4, 2016
    2. Solana
      *pokes you with a stick* baby come back
    3. Solana
      I don't have skype nor tumblr, my dear! I'm sorry but I MISSED YOU SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN AHHHHHH i love you
    4. Solana
      HEYYYYY COME VISIT BABE please ;_; <3
    5. John
      Now that we are married, what is your skype lolz
      1. Silvy
        The email is and the skype name is NnySquee
        Aug 28, 2012
    6. kyo
      who is the artist who drew your signature image?
      1. Silvy
        Aug 12, 2012
    7. Delicious
      omg hinabn is the best thing ever but why can't it update ;-;
      1. Silvy
        The artist lost interest and decided to start another webcomic. Yep yep. I feel a little too bitter to read Buzz(her newest work) for this reason. It's a little silly, I know, but 'Hannah' was one of the very few wecomics that I enjoyed. Even if it was only just starting out.
        Aug 10, 2012
    8. John
      How dare thee follow me lol

      Jk sup
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      2. John
        yeah i suppose.
        Aug 11, 2012
      3. Silvy
        Well at least I got you to agree with me on that.
        Aug 11, 2012
      4. John
        I was agreeing with you from the beginning lols ;)
        Aug 11, 2012
    9. Xatyrn
      i c u ;_;
    10. Solana
      Okay, um... haha not much to say about my childhood, but I'll try?

      Well I was born in this lil town here in Maryland called 'Bowie', and when I turned one my dad's job required him to go to Cheltenham England for 3 years, so we did so. I can remember England vaguely. I remember the constant gray skies and the the first girl I became friends with and her name was Faye. We sent letters to each other for years after I moved back to the U.S. I then moved to where I am now which has been for 12 years since we moved back in 2000. Om...

      Apparently I was a shy child, which people who know me outside of the internet found impossible but the kids who went to elementary school with me said I was reaaaaaally quiet. I did ballet for a year, gymnastics for 3 years, softball for 9 and soccer for 12 years and counting. I got my glasses in the fourth grade....
      There's nothing really to say about my childhood atm. I'm sure when the two of us are old and frail I'd be able to talk to you like "Back in our day, we-"
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    Dec 21, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Previous Usernames:
    1) SilenceIsGolden
    2) Golden Requiem of Silence
    3) Golden Goddess of Silence
    4) Jotaro's Golden C
    Relationship Status:
    Married to John
    Wow, okay, I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I guess I can type something here or there or something. I've been on this forum long enough, but, most of you would probably not know much about me since I'm not...really that social outside of my clan. Eh, I try, but, most of the people on this site aren't....
    I guess it might be better, now, but I'd rather not waste anymore energy in those matters.

    I have a variation of interests that keep me afloat. All of them are either common fandoms(Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannah Is Not A Boy's Name, Silent Hill) or very obscure(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Yume Nikki). Either way, I enjoy them. They're...nice.

    I sort of have a thing that goes quickly from intelligent and well-read to extremely southern when my writing is involved. Not sure why or when it happens, it just sort of does. So, one day you'll be speaking to me and I'll sound like some professor and, the next, I won't really care enough to fix my grammatical errors. Or trade out words like 'going to' becomes 'gonna'. It's odd, isn't it?

    There's this strange fascination with dreams that I have, and a lot of other subjects, but, now I'm just talking about nothing, aren't I?
    Well, then, I guess I should wrap it up with something much more brief than what I've been forking over, shouldn't I?

    I enjoy roleplaying, finding a story in music, Let's Plays, watching other people be excited about amazing things that have happened in their lives, I'm pretty okay with a lot of things. Everything is basically fine and okay to me, and, if it's not, then I don't care. Or I try not to care.
    I always use Skype. If you want to talk to me through AIM, though, you're going to have to tell me, first, because I barely get on that old thing.

    Also, call me Silvy.

    Oh, right, one more detail. I also have a big, dumb, blog that's filled with nothing but crappy text posts, fandoms, and a bunch of things that I find amusing. It's full of a lot of just boring stuff. But, I figured shameless plugging should have a start somewhere, shouldn't it?