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I'm hungry. Aug 26, 2012

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Jun 29, 2013
    1. Sayuri
      I'm hungry.
    2. Chaotic Ninja
      Haha, I thought that same thing. Then I saw someone's comment on Youtube that explained everything and was like, "Oh.... That makes sense." I always wondered why Jae had TVfXQ on his back when I called it DBSK, but now we know. XD
    3. Chaotic Ninja
      Yeah, there's only 2 now and the other 3 went to JYJ. ;-;

      I was wondering that same thing about the name. o.o I just know TVXQ is their international/Chinese name and DBSK is the Korean one. Some fans (I do this too) use DBSK to refer to when they were 5 and TVXQ for when they became 2. (I want my 5 babies back together! TToTT)
    4. Vegnya
      So I was feeling murderous today, and then your username pops up. My friends would call me Sayuri for not being man enough. D:
    5. Chaotic Ninja
      It's like they all team up on you on purpose.
      You: *thinks for 10 seconds about escaping k-pop*
      Them: Oh hay, leaving so soon? :D *hypnotizes*
      So yeah... I gave up after DBSK. >.>
    6. Chaotic Ninja
      Before I started watching Vampire, I somehow ran into the couple of episodes they did as MCs for airang TV. XD Darn them for being funny and entertaining.
    7. Chaotic Ninja
      Nope, but I will after this. XD I'm trying not to let them pull me further into loving them... but it' not working. DX *finds episodes* Yay! I mean... Oh no, a new addiction. ;-;
    8. Roxanne
      Of course mah dear, go ahead! =)
    9. Naminette
      I'm on interpals too! <: But I never go on it anymore. Maybe once in a blue moon xD Most of the Korean people on my facebook are from my epenpal and we were too lazy to keep using the app. I should sign in and find you. . ;3;
    10. Naminette
      I only know a little xD
      I'm on this language site called italki. So basically you write little notebook entries in Korean and post them, and whoever swings by will read it and make corrections to your grammar and stuff. I correct English entries and people correct my Korean ones. I also read a little online Korean dictionary. And there's an Android app called epenpal that I use to text Korean people. That app in general is full of Korean people. It'd be hard NOT to find one on there. They usually correct me if I do something wrong ^^" Also, my best friend is wayyy better than me. She forces me to study sometimes. xD She'd do well in South Korea school.
      And okayy I'm rambling xD
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