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Well, just got back from being offline for what, 2 months xD Oct 16, 2012

Riku was last seen:
Feb 21, 2013
    1. Riku
      Well, just got back from being offline for what, 2 months xD
    2. Azura
      I just think that ur pic is really cool...... I feel so jealous cause ur pic is so much cooler than mine.....
      1. Riku
        Thanks, Sorry about the late reply xD, I've been a really busy guy.
        Oct 16, 2012
    3. Riku
      Just a silver haired bro with more style then Sephiroth.
    4. Xatyrn
      Hai! Xenofire isn't free but if you'd like free forum suggestions I can give you some. :>
    5. Jess
      Thank you so much, aha!
    6. Jess
      I'm glad you like it :3
    7. Jess
      It's in the thread.
    8. Jess
      Apologies for the waaait, your request is done.
    9. Xatyrn
      Yeah! Some people have been here for like, 6 years. xD Sadly, due to the original admin being out of touch, we can't get extra skins, which is sad. :C
    10. Xatyrn
      Oh, gosh, you too? ;_; This place does that to everyone, it's kinda scary. c:
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    Credit goes to Jess


    July 16
    Destiny Islands
    Chosen Wielder Of Darkness
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    My name is Riku, I live on Destiny Islands with Sora and Kairi. The shadows called heartless inflitrated our island and took it away. We were all seperated. I became more jealous of Sora as he was traveling with two new friends of his own. I found Kairi while he was goofing off. Maleficent gave me this Dark form, but Sora still beat me, I now remain in the Realm Of Darkness after me and him sealed the Door....

    Competitions and Fighting Heartless