SSFW Team Ygriega Winner, Male, 29, from over there

Rex was last seen:
Jan 20, 2018 at 4:49 PM
    1. musicmc
      Yo, should we wait before more people join new hope?
    2. |skyki-husky|
      Yo Rex, I was wondering if you ever had any interest in joining a clan?
    3. windows88
      hey nice review kh 1
    4. Beyond
      onoz! lol nice avatar btw
    5. Beyond
      was thor good?
    6. Sota9
      Dude I love that joke on your profile
    7. Aros-figure it out
      You still get on here I see.
    8. Zotar
      Yeah I was thinking about that. If you find your way onto the same scene where the other characters are, and read what is happening on the other story arks... you will already know where an elf is. But even if you don't go to where the other characters are, I'll keep a die handy and roll when you use the monocle. It'll be one out of six that you see the exact location of an Elf and two out of six that you'll see ripples radiating from where a strange event occurs. I have plans for ya don't worry.
    9. Zotar
      yep. you are accepted! Go on...
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    Dec 7, 1988 (Age: 29)
    over there
    Collage student
    Relationship Status:
    About me, well let's see. When I first came on to the site I was...over 400 pounds but now I'm about 210 pounds. I'm going to collage to be a radio DJ and am paining on moving down south. I have both a good and bad since of humor. Which means I can laugh at a joke that makes everyone feel happy and also (Sometimes) laugh at people falling down. (I know it’s wrong) I also can’t spell to save my life.

    watching anime, collecting magic cards, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends