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Jan 20, 2018 at 4:49 PM
    1. TwilightGuardian
      Wow then ill read it once your done editing im editing mine two i had it with a color legend for the characters but im going to take that out.
    2. TwilightGuardian
      Hope you can complete your story Rex ill try to read it when i can
    3. Rei
      lol, I love your avi and profile pic
    4. TwilightGuardian
      Long time no see rex how have u been
    5. Phobophobic
      Happy Birthdayyyyy! 8D Man this forum's dying... >.>
    6. Yoyo
      You didn't quite answer if you were interested in joining ;)
    7. Yoyo
      So hey man, have you given the idea any thought? Btw, I know it sounds way similar to the rpg you attempted to run and I'm sorry that I didn't give your a roleplay a go by participating. Actually, I'm thinking it might be a slap to what effort you brought in now thinking about it. Then again, I only skimmed through your thread and I sad to admit that also. Still, I'm just looking for people to join and hopefully i can make something up to you.
    8. Yoyo
      Its going to be on this website as its a pen and paper RPG ha but we're just going to do this via chat either on MSN, Chatango, or the IRC chat here on the forum. I'm hoping though for the IRC chat as it'll make it more like a forum deal :D

      I hope this answer your question.
    9. Yoyo
    10. musicmc
      i changed my char profile to a caption and edited the biography xD
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    Dec 7, 1988 (Age: 29)
    over there
    Collage student
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    About me, well let's see. When I first came on to the site I was...over 400 pounds but now I'm about 210 pounds. I'm going to collage to be a radio DJ and am paining on moving down south. I have both a good and bad since of humor. Which means I can laugh at a joke that makes everyone feel happy and also (Sometimes) laugh at people falling down. (I know it’s wrong) I also can’t spell to save my life.

    watching anime, collecting magic cards, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends