SSFW Team Ygriega Winner, Male, 29, from over there

Rex was last seen:
Jan 21, 2018 at 10:30 AM
    1. SoVen
      Hi there :)
    2. TwilightGuardian
      Hey Rex whats up. I think ill add you to the second part of my story i need a few extra chraxters to fill in the ones im not putting in
    3. |skyki-husky|
      You Pokemon Battle Royal looks so interesting ;-; I regret not joining.
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      2. |skyki-husky|
        Maybe later. Im going to have to do some reading and some figuring out where I can come in after entering so late.
        Aug 11, 2012
      3. Rex
        ok, no rush, I'll keep the RPG from moving to the major points till you enter
        Aug 11, 2012
      4. |skyki-husky|
        Alright will do. Ill try to be quick though.
        Aug 11, 2012
    4. Cerberus1616
      DUDE! We haven't talked in forever! :D
      1. Rex
        yea, I know. how have you been
        Aug 2, 2012
      2. Cerberus1616
        I've been good. And yourself?
        Aug 3, 2012
    5. Saint Of Dragons
      rex thank god someone i know
    6. IndieJocky
      Just thought I'd let you know that you need to remind people in your Pokemon Royal RP that the minimum post length is 2 paragraphs. 4-5 sentences in each paragraph. Just a small heads up.
    7. The Original Macdaddy.T
      hey rex am i accepted?
    8. TwilightGuardian
      Awesome alright im almost done
    9. TwilightGuardian
      Oh can i have more then one pokemon with no evolution
    10. TwilightGuardian
      Alright im getting set up now give me a sec
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    Dec 7, 1988 (Age: 29)
    over there
    Collage student
    Relationship Status:
    About me, well let's see. When I first came on to the site I was...over 400 pounds but now I'm about 210 pounds. I'm going to collage to be a radio DJ and am paining on moving down south. I have both a good and bad since of humor. Which means I can laugh at a joke that makes everyone feel happy and also (Sometimes) laugh at people falling down. (I know it’s wrong) I also can’t spell to save my life.

    watching anime, collecting magic cards, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends