1. Bekki
      omg I suddenly remembered you... I MISS YOU DUDE ;.;

      I hope you come back one day. I want to talk about the Euro's with youuuu <33
    2. Shizuyu Okami
      Mainly just with school, you?

      Oh wait. I sorta did a speech class thing two years ago in school, it was a compulsory thing where we just prepared speeches about ourselves and spoke them out to the class. I was pretty nervous in that class 8D Maybe I'd be better at it now, hopefully, haha.

      Yeah true, but I'm sure it'll work out ok.

      Thank you. Yours is of Black Eyed Peas, right? (:
    3. Shizuyu Okami
      I really should get back into writing properly again, it's been a while.

      Speech classes sound like they could be of benefit, actually. You ever do any?

      That sounds like a nice future plan, most would aspire to similar (: Soccer will most definitely be your main hobby, I'm sure. What kinda career are you interested in? I'm sure I've said it before, but you are pretty focused.
    4. Shizuyu Okami
      Awh, thanks. I think that's just my poetic side more than anything. I tend to stumble on my words trying to voice my opinions usually 8D I agree though. Another thing about debate teams is that it's all kinda forced in a way. It's a performance of sorts, I suppose. But they're cool to see when they're done well. Nothing like a good brainstorm!

      That's another kinda scary prospect. Hopefully by the end of my college days I'll have a clearer view on what career I'd like xD What do you see yourself doing when you finish college actually? (:
    5. Shizuyu Okami
      But yes it is interesting. Sounds like you'd enjoy being part of a debate team (:

      Thank you dude. I think the first while there I'll be a nervous wreck, haha.
    6. Shizuyu Okami
      Likewise. I love deep conversations like those. I'll never understand why some people shy away from deep conversation. The day-to-day chat really limits how well you get to know someone sometimes.

      How true you are! I'm ever closer to college. Scary to think xD
    7. Shizuyu Okami
      Yeah, our chats are always interesting dude.

      Unfortunately, I haven't achieved those things either. Well, not yet anywho 8D
      Small steps. Small steps.
    8. Shizuyu Okami
      No major complaints, you?
      It's been far too long my friend! I figured we need a catch-up (:
    9. Bekki
      Aw, sorry for making you sad... :'(
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