Mr. Rager

Fenrir Wielder, 29, from Destiny Islands

How in the blazing hell do we have 17 guests on this site? Why not just join lol Apr 30, 2013

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May 24, 2013
    1. Mr. Rager
      How in the blazing hell do we have 17 guests on this site? Why not just join lol
    2. Venus
      LOL. Yes it was a very convoluted mess. ;w;
    3. master chief
      hey would you happen to know where to get stopra and stopraga on kh1?
    4. Misuzu
      Not at all. .-. He has nothing against you, lol. Honestly what he said was true, you do tend to come and go and you're gone a lot longer than when you're actually here and being active in the clan. You can still be active around the forum and chill; I'll always be around to chat. 8D
    5. Misuzu
      Apologies about the decline, dude. D;
    6. Misuzu
      Everything's good. 8D And actually we did a role call a while ago and you never responded so we had to take you out of the clan. D; I'm not sure why you still have the insignia, actually. .-. You are always welcome to re-apply, though. Just please stay active if you do because the clan is dead enough as it is; you tend to come and go often except when you go you don't say anything about it and it's for an extended amount of time. :/
    7. Solana
    8. Avarice
      Katanagatari. Boom, done. One of the most unique art styles I have ever seen. And yes, it was kick ass.
    9. Venus
      That would be the OVA called Black Rock Shooter. Honestly? I don't think it's worth watching at all rofl because it mainly centers around these two schoolgirls becoming friends and then there's this alternate reality thing that makes no sense but it's what the viewer would want to see but hardly gets shown BUT... I dunno, lots of people like it? xD; Personally, I just think the art style is cute. I think there's also a PSP game being made of it?
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    Oct 17, 1988 (Age: 29)
    Destiny Islands
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