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thii2 ii2 iincrediibly hard work 2ometiime2 Jul 23, 2012

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Jul 24, 2013
    1. Razgriz
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      3. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        Indeed, all work and no play makes Razgriz a dull boy ;3
        Jun 11, 2013
      4. Razgriz
        :3 btu least my 21st bday is comming up in July and I'm taking the whole weekend off to have some fun ^_^. Saturday paintballing party and Sunday party with my GF dad(since it's his birthday too)
        Jun 12, 2013
      5. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        Sounds awesome!! Have a great time, you deserve it ;3 <3
        Jun 19, 2013
    2. TwilightGuardian
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      3. TwilightGuardian
        Mhmm not sure if you read the first but you have a bow that shoots wind arrows
        Jun 11, 2013
      4. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        How did you know air was my element? ^^
        Jun 11, 2013
      5. TwilightGuardian
        Its is? im not sure i just imagined it would fit you best ^^ do you like the weapon
        Jun 21, 2013
    3. Vesperi Randsau
      Excuse me Miss Lockheart, but I would like to inquire about a specific very special one of a kind non-harrasing or vulgar comment that I had posted on my own thread which was removed almost instantly with all traces of the comment gone too....care to explain why this happened? I will incur that the comment I posted might've involved a certain elite organization of "illuminated individuals"
      1. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        That was a long time ago o.o I'm not actually supposed to be admin anymore so not sure I can help, apologies.
        Jun 11, 2013
    4. kyo
      You are so beautiful
      to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    5. kyo
      I did did did!
      But it got put in my room and my room is a mess mess mess!

      It looks amazing though! I will go find it and GAZE UPON LOGAN!
    6. Axizol
      I feel like I haven't seen you in approximately forever. D:
    7. Miss Lockheart
      thii2 ii2 iincrediibly hard work 2ometiime2
    8. Dion
      I need to talk to you on skype. D:
      1. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        On my way o.o
        Jul 23, 2012
    9. John
      Your Avatar reminds me of the Tomb Raider II roman numeral
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      2. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        DO IIIIT, it's my favourite of all the games!! TRIV being the second ;D
        Jul 23, 2012
      3. John
        It's my favorite of all games. Though TRII was actually really hard. I've been playing IV a lot actually....i'm getting ready to be in the Catacombs
        Jul 23, 2012
      4. Miss Lockheart
        Miss Lockheart
        Yeah but it's not the hardest, that's TRIII XD ooh I'm at the Trenches part in Cairo, it's the first time Kayam's seen that far in the game!
        Jul 23, 2012
    10. KHlover07
      Gah...I am horrible for forgetting to tell you about my surgery experience! D: It was pretty awesome though haha. I was totally fine through it all! Got to see three different ones and never once felt light-headed or anything! :D It was actually really cool to watch. I would say that if you ever get the chance to watch one, do it! XD
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