1. Alen
      Damn, that sucks. The last Liverpool game wasn't on any tv channel for some strange reason so I had to find a quick live streaming sports site to watch it. I would send you the link to it but it was one of those one time only sites i stumble across randomly. If i find it again I'll share it with you that of course unless you have your own already?
    2. Alen
      Yeah we should only play better from now on especially since Torres and Benayoun are back. It's said we have one of the best defenses in the league so that's good. We have a world class goal keeper so we shouldn't concede much. If you haven't realized, when Torres plays Gerrard has more space. The defenders are cautious of Torres because he's deadly so they aren't covering Gerrard as much. Now that Benayoun is back hes good at bringing the ball forward, as you've seen by the second assist in 2 games. Things can only get better from here on out. (Sorry about these long messages about me ranting off about Liverpool, just thinking about them gets me fired up and excited to see us play next match)
    3. Alen
      Yeah it's fine now, just tore up one of my muscles at the time.

      Hopefully Torres and Gerrard can score more from now on, Gerrard only has 6 goals in the EPL this season while Torres, whose only played about 16 games has 13.
    4. Alen
      My knee that I dislocated the knee cap of 2 years back started swelling, hurt to walk so I think it was a good excuse.

      I think we have shot at winning the Europa League, so glad we're in the last 16.
    5. Alen
      Things are going alright, I've had 4 days off school so far, hopefully I don't add too much to that by the end of the year.

      Liverpools doing great though :)
    6. Alen
      Ey, hows it going? I decided to visit xD
    7. RenoLoVer
      lol thankies...-blushes
    8. RenoLoVer
      yeah i know! i love food with spices
    9. Bekki
      Haha I'm not offended, it's your preference^^

      Don't get carried away though...there's still a loooong way to go. :-)
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