Destiny Wolf

Guardian Soul Wielder, from Tower of Salvation, a place where my Dreams Begins

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Apr 23, 2013
    1. Zotar
      Destiny Wolf, what ever happened to that "Last Touch" idea you had. I really liked it....
      1. Destiny Wolf
        Destiny Wolf
        I gave up on that idea. Now I have a new idea, but I need to work out on it. Anyway about RPG Last Touch maybe someday I post it again.
        Maybe I start a new RPG when I finish it and I would like you to join.
        Aug 19, 2012
    2. Imperious
      Happy birthday!
    3. Bob 3000
      Happy birthday! :smile:
    4. John
      Happy bday
    5. Yoyo
      Likewise friend, I hope you reconsider and join my game ;D You might actually like it as its not going to be pure Pen and paper but hybrid combination ^^
    6. Yoyo
      Well, I just want to something a little different from what have been doing here on Kh3. Now that I realize it though, Idk how I'm going to bridge the Time zone gap with some of the players. I probably have to make by the book rpg thread to complement a live chat session.

      Other than that, I'm glad that you're at least thinking of making a new RPG. Though I can't say I can join it as I'll probably be far too busy running my own game; I'll do my best in spreading the word and offering my support. Though our RPG's will be competing for players attention, I do hope both our games be good enough that we can find players that will be willing to stick by us ha.
    7. Yoyo
      Well, people just need to see other people role play first. There has to be people taking the plunge and making all sorts of noise about that it gets their interest back. I mean its easy to talk about reviving and reforming the rpg section but we gotta show that even as gloomy as the RPG section right now, its not that bad to where you can't have fun role playing now.

      So, I'm asking you to trust me on this and I'm also asking if you would actually role play with me in the game i posted the link too. I admit i'm not getting the results I really want so far but I'm in for the long haul. I just need the help and the people willing to join. Now, my question is that will you?
    8. Yoyo
      Hey I understand Your Frustration. I really do as i would cite the same things to the RPG Team. While as there is no real problem I would think that prevents people from rallying together (aside from the burnt bridges I may have left behind in my last wake), there is that previous experience that makes it hard to do so.

      That's why I'm saying we have to bear with it and push forward despite unclear future. Its like gardening, flowers will bloom and trees will bear fruit but only if you give it the attention and care it needs. We need more people like you who care and frankly enjoy role playing.

      Other than that, I have a small request of you. Could you at least consider joining my RPG? I'm thinking of hosting a Forum based CthulhuTech thread too to complement the chat one and I'm hoping you maybe interested?
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    A lone wolf, a person that is alone from very begining. Finds his strenght in his own dream that he must realised.


    September 17
    Tower of Salvation, a place where my Dreams Begins
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