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May 14, 2014
    1. Jess
    2. Jess
      yeeee print design <3

      i mean, it's been pretty quiet, and that happened pretty rapidly -- the numbers dropping. but, as always a tight knit community. brilliant mother site, good content & good content makers. ups and downs though, the community likes to explode every now and again, but it isn't too horrific. <:

      i think that's kind of what happens though. what about at your places?
    3. Jess
      i literally love looking at what's appropriate for the brief. fulfilling it thoughtfully, through whatever means. video is not something i've ever done, so i'm just interested, as it may well be my thing. but, i know i'll do a lot of traditional graphic design stuff, print based and screen based, because that's what i looove.
    4. Axizol
      Haha yeah! I am excited. (:
      Haha Freud can go do some cocaine by himself. xP
    5. Axizol
      Haha awesome! I am at college getting my Psychology Bachelor's, hoping to go to Medical School! Life is fantastic. 8D
    6. Jess
      ahaha, it's only recently. Who knows whyyy.

      september! Yeah, that's why I applied to the course -- not too strict, broad and interdisciplinary. i kind of like to explore the connotations of details and intricacies of various processes so it should be fun <:

      yeah it's completely the kind of thing I want to do. layout stuff look brilliantly beautiful, there's a complex art to it -- i'd adore it. being in charge of all that sounds incredible to be honest. i'll definitely look out to see if they have a paper, cos i think i'd love it.
    7. Jess
      it's alright, i love an essay ese. <3

      Yeah -- the courses are all called like Visual Communication, it's graphic design all right. pretty excited <:

      omggg school sounds amazing, seriously, you sound like you're really enjoying yourself. congratulations on the school, though. i mean, i totally have no clue how American colleges work but i'm guessing it would've been tough to get in. what kinda stuff do you do that the newspaper, like, what kinda articles -- orrr do you design it?

      yeah our clocks "spring forward" early so it was 2AM last night. i can't stand it when the clocks change, my sleep is already erratic, i don't need something to mess it up, aha. ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠
    8. Axizol
      Haha oh wow! It's been forever since you've been online! 8D
      Haha, how have you beeen?!
    9. Jess
      nu. u.

      yeah i was cool and looking at khi and realised i had an account and it made me laugh. i went searching for you, and also tried to see if jerome was about still but i couldn't find him. i might frequent there more often, though, even if i am a shy thang.

      i'm alriiiight, got into the colleges i applied to but, you know, perpetually miserablefornoreason. <: it's late though, so i am afraid i'm abandoning you & going to sleep -- but how are you, mm? tell me fings
    10. Jess

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