Shadow, from Ohio

I have taken my art to a new level through computers Jan 29, 2013

BIG BEN was last seen:
Jan 29, 2013
    1. BIG BEN
      I have taken my art to a new level through computers
    2. BIG BEN
      Man its been a while
    3. master chief
      i have other keyblade i could show but it might be a while
    4. master chief
      i havent figured out how i would remake your keyblade yet i'm still contemplating that
    5. Dion
      Nothing much, you?
    6. Dion
      Hello :3
    7. Jess
      Your stuff is really lovely, you see, I think it'd have a bigger audience.
    8. Jess
      You should post some of your art in the Artwork forum. <:
    9. master chief
      alright. oh i was wondering if i could draw your keyblade A hero's choice
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    I'm a gamer like anyone else I've always wanted to play kingdom hearts but couldn't cause I had bad memory, but I played the second one from 2005 and I still have all the games of ps2 like other fans I draw but not characters but blades since I stink at drawing human but have triead a few times I'm a heavy guy brown hair green eyes and I wanted to make my own video game and I made my own kingdom hearts story I couldn't stop imaging so I wrote it but not much of disney and I loved sonic the hedgehog since I was a kid I had thoughts between 2 different games

    gaming drawing and wanting to become a game designer