Shadow, from The World That Never Was

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Oct 19, 2011
    1. Tairi
      Hai there :3
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    The names Axel.
    Got it memorized?
    My line is cliche, huh?
    Does it look like I care?


    The World That Never Was
    Number 8 in the Organization 13
    Relationship Status:
    Roxas <3
    I am Axel.
    Got it memorized?
    ((LOL hey guys~ It's the girl named Kat here who goes by Axel everywhere I go! :D Love Jrock/Jpop/Kpop...yep! Anything I like, I like. It becomes a part of my life~ <3

    Making fun of Demyx/Xigbar/Zexion/Xaldin, loving Roxas~ <3, and making sporadic fires everywhere.