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Nov 11, 2017
    1. Ven Keyblade Master
      just found an anti sora wall for desktop

    2. Xatyrn
      Chairs are like the greatest places to sleep. Totally. |D XD
    3. Xatyrn
      Again? Haha 8D
    4. Xatyrn
      It happened again, gah. XD
    5. Xatyrn
      I had slightly unpleasant dreams, so my sleep was only alright too. XD
      *looks at clock* Welp, time for more sleep. |D
    6. Xatyrn
      Oh, really? I see. :|
      I went to bed after posting that. I hope you slept well. ^^
    7. Xatyrn
      Hopefully. ;~; What has been stopping you from being able to contact her?
      And I bet she dad didn't do well. At her funeral was the first time I saw him cry. x.x
    8. Xatyrn
      Definitely show her that if you haven't already. ;~; I've heard it somewhere too, actually, and it's very true. :'3 Maybe that will make her smile.
      Oh, really? 3: Sorta young for someone to go, then. But I guess it happens all the time. T_T I hope things go well for your family then. <3
    9. Xatyrn
      Aw, thank you. ;.; I always just hope we will have advanced in medical technology enough by then to have a cure. |D
      Really? Awh, that's a shame. I hope you can see her soon. <3 I'm sure she misses seeing you, too. She sounds like such a nice girl. >.< <3
      How old is she? :3 If she's ready to die and has lived happy, then that makes things bit brighter, I suppose. Mine died when she was only 64.
    10. Xatyrn
      ;.; My grandma died of cancer. Many of my female family members did, in fact. I'm scared, I don't want to get it too. <3
      I'm so sorry...let's just hope karma plans to make up for everything somehow. ;~; You deserve much better.
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    Feb 7, 1992 (Age: 25)
    College student
    Relationship Status:
    Sort of... Hopefully.
    videogames, guitar, music, computer