Anti Sora

Creeper, Male, 25, from Wisconsin

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Nov 11, 2017
    1. Xatyrn
      Noticed you logged in not long ago in 2016. I love how this place is like... a cancer haha, it never goes away, and stays in a weird and distant corner in everyone's minds.
      1. Anti Sora
        Anti Sora
        Heh, yeah for me it's probably cause I always have kept it in my favorites bar at the top of my browser so I'd just, click it every once in a while.

        Dunno if/when you'll see this since it's been months since you commented but if you do, how you've been? It has been quite a while. I dunno if you have discord but if you do feel free to add me so we can catch up, name on there is Sass Queen Neo #2559
        Aug 26, 2017
    2. Xatyrn
      The forum went offline for months and you logged on today though, like as soon as it got back up! XD How do you remember to keep coming back?
      1. Anti Sora
        Anti Sora
        I have this place bookmarked, even though I rarely check it xD you and I kinda message each other every few months and I wanted to check if you replied yet but the site was down and I was sad :c kept checking every once in a while, guess I just have good timing lol
        May 21, 2014
      2. Xatyrn
        Definite good timing!! XD You were never quite active but now you're one of the most active members lol. Oh what a strange twist of fate!
        May 31, 2014
      3. Anti Sora
        Anti Sora
        I know right? Yeah i tend to be bad at being active on these kinds of sites, I tend to make a friend or two then just get on to talk to them.
        Jun 7, 2014
    3. kairi224
      *poke* how you been? been a LONG time since I came on here last ^^;
      1. Anti Sora
        Anti Sora
        Oh hey, sorry i haven't been on in months, I'm bad at this stuff xD I've been good. In college now.
        Oct 4, 2012
      2. kairi224
        haha XD thats okay. I hardly ever come on this site. Infact I almost forgot about it LOL.

        Ahh thats good :)
        Nov 13, 2012
      3. Anti Sora
        Anti Sora
        I know what that's like xD
        Nov 17, 2012
    4. Xatyrn
      I'm sorry. XD
      I GOT A NEW COMPUTER TOO. o.o Now I can do things! 8D
    5. Xatyrn
      What's been happening with you?
    6. Xatyrn
      HEY! Just thinking about VMing you the other day~ How are ya?
    7. Dion
      No problem. :3 How are ya?
    8. Dion
      Happy Birthday! :3
    9. Xatyrn
      That's real good news! <3 How is she? :3
    10. Xatyrn
      :33 It has, indeed. I've been all right. You?
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    Feb 7, 1992 (Age: 25)
    College student
    Relationship Status:
    Sort of... Hopefully.
    videogames, guitar, music, computer