Monochrome Wielder, from Castle Oblivion/Twilight Town traveling to Unova.

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Aug 20, 2012
    1. Freelance Fox
      HI yas
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      2. Freelance Fox
        Freelance Fox
        Cool man :3
        Kindle...Kindled Genesis
        -is beat up violently for crimes of lame puns that arent funny-
        Aug 8, 2012
      3. AnsemDiz
        Hays kindled genesis makes me think of Genesis reborn from the FF7 series.
        Aug 9, 2012
      4. Freelance Fox
        Freelance Fox
        Haha I've never played any of the final fantasy's
        Aug 9, 2012
    2. lionsbarrage
      its not that it cant be, its the people who run it.
      however this site has lived beyond all of that somehow.
      1. AnsemDiz
        Well. You were right. No migration, as you can see.
        Jul 23, 2012
      2. lionsbarrage
        nope, there never is. i didnt expect this site to be revamped, but i know better tohan to ex[ect a migration.
        Jul 24, 2012
    3. lionsbarrage
      well the thing is there was actually the freedom to create new thing and makes changes on that site vs here. It always talked about but never happens.
    4. lionsbarrage
      not sure, guess it was just a high of being in a new place and chatting it up and doing new things, but then it just died off cause the same douches here started running the place there.
    5. lionsbarrage
      Its one of my friends who made the site... but it doesnt look that greta compared to others we have made in the past. This is his 3rd attempt.

      but i dunno, none of the KH or SE sites i have been too have really lasted.
      There was 1 a year ago that was really good and we all went there and were having a blast, having movie nights once a week. but then it quickly died off
    6. lionsbarrage
      Well it was nt really like this, but theres been numerous times and complaints about this site, migrating over, this and that, people get all worried, excited yet in the end nothing ever changed.
    7. lionsbarrage
      Yes i have, but im not totally inclined to believe the talk so much, because how well i know this place and the people in it lol

      This isnt the first time
    8. lionsbarrage
      well whatever happens happens but i still doubt it.
    9. lionsbarrage
      Yes i have, and i also know about the recent hack.. but migration has never worked really. Unless this site dies completely and forever People who move on to different sites usually end up coming back.
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    Castle Oblivion/Twilight Town traveling to Unova.
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