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Apr 2, 2012
    1. Venus
      brb being on top
    2. John
      I was wondering when you were gonna show up. Nicely said, couldn't of said it better myself. I'm happy to know Ato and I aren't the only ones that think that.
    3. John
      That makes sense. I accept that as an answer
    4. Twitchy
      Yeah sure. It'll be up in 15, tops.
    5. Venus
      ON TOP. :3
    6. Naminette
      Why haven't we really spoken to each other before?

      Continuing the conversation here~
      I've always said I never want to have children. I've recently considered having a child one day, but I really can't tolerate children at all. It's not that I hate children, I just don't like how a majority of the ones I've encountered act. They need some home training.
    7. Chevalier
      Happy (early?) birthday Sir Ame! :')
    8. Lord Firesnake
      Hai :3 (Sammeh, supposed to be having bedrest)
    9. Tev
      I set up a little "gain members" event to stir at least some activity, but I guess it's up to them to do it or not XD Moderating posts is only one spectrum of it, while another is setting an example for members as well as reaching out to members. Can't be a mod/admin and only do things in accordance to yourself :P At the end of the day, it's the members and what they think of your performance that will matter.

      Ooor, that's just how I see it lol I know others may see thing different. I never try to be an ass to the members and handle things personally though :3. Still a small community, but I've already gotten praise on my admin skill :3
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