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Jun 1, 2011
    1. Vegnya
      The mostly featured clergy members, or priests and nuns in Trinity Blood, are part of an elite investigation squad within the Vatican that deals with international affairs. Considering this, their duties often include reconnaissance, para-military activities, and guard duty of their commanding chief (who is a Cardinal). They're more like special agents than actual clergy. However, some points in the novel, anime, and manga portray different levels of piety with the main characters, and some actual duties of clergy are portrayed within the story. For example, a Catholic Mass is held to venerate relics of a saint, which the Pope is celebrating--even though it's just a set up to catch a vampiric assassin.

      As a Roman Catholic I really do not mind what is clearly liturgical abuse lol. I mean, I'm most appreciative of the fact that Catholics are portrayed mostly as the good guys. Unlike Hellsing. >.>;
    2. Miss Lockheart
      Pretty well, having to be on here less because of exams but other than that pretty good :)
    3. Bekki
      Yeah I guess I do take it for granted..even though I'm not particularly close with my family, I'm still lucky to have grown up in a stable, something to think about..

      A bit..though I'll spend the following week off with my friends and take my mind off things. : )
    4. Vegnya
      It's definitely a mix of science-fiction and fantasy. I like it mostly for its use of the Catholic Church, even though how it is portrayed in the story is nothing like how it is today lol. It also features "vampires" and a sinister organization that wants to see a world war between humans and vampires.
    5. Vegnya
      Japanese short novel, turned manga, turned anime. The latter sucks. Manga is a bit closer to the original source. The novel, of course, is the tour de force.
    6. Vegnya
      The Order of Rosenkruez, from Trinity Blood.
    7. Rhapsody Revelation
      I'm surprised a thousand-year-old could say up this late :kitty:

      Nighty night.
    8. Monitor Program
      They're sick!_
    9. Rhapsody Revelation
      But it's cute :3 Baby Turtle(:

      haha looking back it was.

      I take everything seriously. Doesn't matter where. I guess that's why I'm a great competitor
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